Strange and unusual punishment watch

The acceptable face of firefighting
The acceptable face of modern firefighting

You’ve got to have at least some sympathy for these former members of the Blue Watch at Avonmouth fire station who have been disciplined, demoted and had their wages docked for disturbing a gay sex session on the Downs as reported today in the Evening Cancer.

As part of their punishment, the poor sods also have to attend a two-day equality training event at the Holland House Hotel on Redcliffe Way.

What a nightmare. Two days being lectured at by some bearded moralising tosser with a diversity agenda. What’s the betting this “facilitator” turns out to have something to do with Bristol Labour Party or their equally clueless mates at the T&G.

Pity these poor firemen. Nobody, regardless of what they might have done, deserves two days of the likes of Peter Hammond, Derek Pickup, his ridiculous hypocrite missus Esther, or any other daft leftie on the equalities gravy train ranting politically correct codswallop straight out of the 1980s at them.

Aren’t there human rights laws to prevent this kind of thing?

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4 Responses to Strange and unusual punishment watch

  1. Jeff says:

    If only they hadn’t been in a big red shiney fire engine – no one would have known who they were!

  2. Stella, campaigner for open local government says:

    I have been told by a cllr on the avon fire authority that the decision by their management could be overturned, and the firefighters re-instated and their fines re-imbursed.
    But if you don’t want readers of your blog to know this, fine, they can read it in the press when it happens.

  3. paul nash says:

    what the fucking hell have the red union got to say to this fiasco ,they,ve said fuck all because they´re all part & parcel of the the lefty commie shit that´s brought us too this STATE!

  4. BristleKRS says:

    Has there been a mass break-out from Barrow Gurney or something? I think the commenter above is missing his meds 😀

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