Bristol Labour bottle watch

Have Labour bottled it by not calling an election?

See what Labour’s Bristol East MP Kerry McCarthy was saying on her blog in Bournemouth at their conference not even two weeks ago and decide for yourself:

Kerry McCarthy MP - blog

Kerry McCarthy MP - blog

Even backbenchers blatantly priming us. Looks like Gordo’s marched ’em up to the top of the hill . . .

Gordons GinNo doubt McCarthy will be swanning around parroting the unbelievable party line that they never intended to call an election blah, blah, blah. Kerry, Brown’s a bottler and you’re a Brown-noser. Resign! Give us our election now you coward!

Note: this is taken from Kerry’s new blog – that now includes a comment facility! Unfortunately it appears to be no longer available. Wonder why?

A cached version is available here.

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3 Responses to Bristol Labour bottle watch

  1. Matt says:


    It would seem that the nervous Brown has bottled it after a strong hand was played on Tax by Cameron and a couple of PR faux pas by the New “New” labour government.

    2009 election anyone?


  2. Bluebaldee says:

    I left a comment on Kerry’s blog last week about the implosion of Bristol’s public transport under Labour.

    Guess what? It disappeared.

    Sounds like Kerry’s only interested in nice, cuddly comments, not awkward ones!

  3. Brown and Co have definitely talked up the possibility of a general election and then changed their minds. The media more than help to fan the flames of the story though, such is their desire. According to the media Brown has gone from ‘hero to zero’ in the space of a week (!), perhaps next week he’ll turn out to be a hero again.

    I think I read somewhere, between Browns speech and Camerons, that in a poll only 4 in 10 people then said they wanted an election and only 6 in 10 said they would vote if there was one. No massive call for going to the country there then. Couldn’t find a ref to this poll though – probably hidden somewhere amongst the million other poll stories you get.

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