City council jobwatch: best one yet!

Flexible Workspace CoordinatorHear the one about the local authority that paid a member of staff £35k a year to rearrange the office furniture?

Well you have now. The job’s advertised on Bristol City Council’s website at present.

I kid you not. Described as a ‘Project Manager – Flexible Workspace’, here’s what you’ve gotta be able to do for almost three grand a month:

Experience in delivering projects which change office layouts by working with managers, staff and trade unions is essential

I’ll say no more; Bristol City Council has finally brought us to a place far beyond parody with this one.

Meanwhile anyone still daft enough to want to get involved in delivering actual services to actual people in actual need can expect to earn considerably less than the council’s new office furniture consultant.

Also advertised on the site are positions for ‘Residential Child Care Workers’, working in residential units with young people aged 10 – 15 years old with various serious needs. For that you’ll start on around just £18k a year.

On the day that Gordo rolled into town too and said to our young people:

“Each of you has a special talent. Each of you has something unique to offer our community. We want to celebrate each of your talents in future.”

But just not as much as you want to featherbed superannuated local government bureaucrats in St Anne’s House, Bristol eh Gordon?

Or how about becoming a social worker in Bristol? Serious job that. But not as serious as arranging the office furniture according to Bristol City Council. If you want to work as a social worker specialising in mental health in Adult Community Care that starts at £20k a year.

Bonkers or wot?

Look out for more “City Council Jobwatch” this weekend!

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7 Responses to City council jobwatch: best one yet!

  1. Freedom of Information : Declaration of Interest

    All poste re Bristol CC should be treated with exteme caution as the author of this blog has something to declare. But will he? Go on tell us [removed] …

  2. bluebaldee says:

    Mmmmm, regardless of who the Blogger is, you can’t really argue with the facts can you?

    Either BCC employs Peter Mooney and the other vastly remunerated consultants for failing Bristol’s children or they don’t.

    BCC is offering a job at £33k+ to arrange workspace. That sounds like office furniture arrangement to me. Is that reasonable when old folk are going to have to pay for a lifeline service that was previously free?

    Heather Tomlinson’s outfit has become ridiculously top heavy since she joined with more Assistant Directors than you can shake a stick at and Bristol’s education provision is STILL SHIT with 30% of parents bussing their kids out of LEA schools.

    These are all facts, regardless of who writes them.

    What exactly is YOUR interest, Public Servant?

    Doing Caplan’s dirty work are you? Or are you actually the Lying Carole himself?

  3. SelfImportantPratt says:

    Oh right, PublicServant reckons the BristolBlogger is an employee of Bristol Council then? How weird. Carole and Richard? Shall we start a reading group? Whose Richard?

  4. thebristolblogger says:

    Could posters refrain from attempting to unveil The Bristol Blogger? They’re always wrong.

    As for public servant. Note they’re trying to trash the messenger – not the message.

  5. TotallyMadeUpnameandEmail says:

    Press Release. Bruce Hockin.

    “Bristol Blogger to be unmasked on Monday : regional treasure issues firm denial”

    There have been rumours circulating on this blog that the Bristol Blogger is a former HTV news presenter and journalist. Mr Bruce Hockin would like to point out that although he is grateful to be remembered following his retirement from HTV and the public eye in 1996 any suggestion that he is the Bristol Blogger is completely untrue.

    Statement ends

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  7. lucy says:

    if it sounds to you like “rearranging office furniture”, why not try finding out what the job actually involves rather than moaning on again about nothing in particular?

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