Banksy vs Snooty

Banksy Churchill
Bad day at the office for Bristol radical and controversialist, Banksy I’m afraid. The latest sighting of the great man’s work is on the top floor of the Millbank tower. The Tory press assure us that the trendy office suite there “is covered in Banksy murals”.

Readers wise to Westminster will of course know that some of Blair’s old lair, Millbank, is now used by the Tory party. Indeed it’s said that Snooty Cameron himself will be shifting his personal headquarters from the Commons to Millbank on Monday. And the top floor there is reputed to be currently being used by Snooty’s media team.

No doubt Banksy is thrilled to learn his work is now first choice among Eton toffs looking for something a bit urban ‘n’ edgy to hang on the office wall.

Not the portrait of Churchill, the photo of Thatcher and the couple of Gainsboroughs you might expect is it now?

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