Venue's latest revolving door shocker!!!

Venue ad

They’re keeping that revolving door of editors at Venue’s St Andrew’s HQ very well oiled.

The latest to jump ship is hackette Rebbecca Dean appointed less than a year ago in a blaze of publicity as Venue’s first female editor.

Looks like power-behind-the-throne, Managing Editor Dave Higgett and his fellow aging Clifton Boys’ Club crew have seen the latest youngster off anyway. Who next for the hot seat?

The Blogger will, of course, be applying for this exciting media opportunity – online. On here to be precise. Look out for that application this weekend (or if I don’t get ’round to it, maybe next time in nine months?)

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  1. Jozer says:


    The graphics on that advert say all you need to know about what era Venue’s little Clifton clique inhabits.

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