UNISON's monkey business

Three wise monkeys

Further proof – as if it were needed – that public sector union, UNISON, is run by a bunch of loopy control freaks with no regard for anything other than feather-bedding themselves, supporting their New Labour government friends and shafting anybody wishing to engage in traditional trade union activities like improving the conditions of the working classes.

The Blogger learns the time-wasters of UNISON’s boss class have recently condemned as ‘racist’ a leaflet produced by sections of their own membership strongly criticising their leadership. A witchunt investigation against the perpetrators of the leaflet has now been launched by union’s bosses.

The leaflet exposes the lack of democracy at UNISON’s conference, where over one-third of the resolutions have been dismissed from the agenda on issues like election of officials, branch control over industrial action ballots and the union link with New Labour.

And the alleged racist content of this perfectly reasonable and democratic critique? A cartoon depicting the ‘Three Wise Monkeys’!

Why do UNISON members continue to their pay fees to support this shit?

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  1. Jozer says:

    Unison in Bristol are very ineffective.

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