It tolls for thee Gurney…

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Fascinating revelations on Bristol Indymedia about the city council’s chief exec Nick Gurney (the bloke pictured above who looks like he might fuck pigs in his spare time) who’s currently supposed to be organising the effort to make Bristol the greenest city in Europe .

A local recently got in to conversation with the hopelesly inept civil servant over a free buffet at some public function Gurney actually managed to get his lazy, bureaucratic arse along to.

Gurney revealed openly and in some depth his views – that he’s paid £120k a year not to have – on the environment and the city. And what gems they are.

Bearing in mind the small issue of the creaking pile of shite that is the public transport infrastructure he’s responsible for, here’s his view on that:

“Think of this, I pay a couple of thousand pounds on a new car, then another thousand getting it insured, taxed and legal.

Why should I have walk twenty minutes in the rain to get to a bus stop, to wait for a bus which is late and sit beside people I don’t know, only to get to work late and wet.

Why shouldn’t I be able to use the car I have paid for?”

He also helpfully explains his reasoning behind – maybe – getting a few more buses (not rail, light rail or trams, mind) on the road:

“The only reason, that I would go about putting more buses on the road and improving public transport, would be so there’s less traffic on the roads for me to drive to work in.”

Brilliant. There you have the level of strategic thinking from the man paid a small fortune to coordinate the city’s public transport, its green agenda and its response to global warming. On the subject of which he hilariously quotes Groucho Marx:

“What has posterity ever done for me?”

Before outlining exactly why he couldn’t give a toss about global warming:

“To be honest with you, in 50 years, I’m going to be dead.”

Could be a lot sooner than that if this overpaid, underperforming. self-serving useless old Tory-boy fuckpot was lynched on College Green…

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  1. old misery guts says:

    So much for transition city status then

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