But soft! What rumour through yonder internet breaks?

It is The Cancer, and Venue is the target…

It’s fast turning into Venue week here at The Bristol Blogger. Here’s another one hot off the press.

Yes, yes. This rumour circulates every couple of years doesn’t it? But this time the source is described to The Blogger as – sigh – “impeccable”.

It seems that the sudden retirement of hackette Rebecca Dean from the Venue hotseat may not be unrelated to a proposed move – that they said “will never happen” – for the ailing listings magazine into The Evening Cancer’s hellish HQ, The Brown Lubianka.

It’s suggested to The Blogger that this is yet another savage cut imposed on the struggling Bristol United Dead Tree Press group by The Cancer’s Looney Tunes Group Editor, Mad Axeman Mike Norton, the cancer obsessed accountant now running the show at the Lubianka.

Let’s face it, this can only have a detrimental effect on the quality of Bristol’s, already, pretty hopeless and severely limited press and media. The Blogger learns a mass exodus of staff at Venue is already underway, so look out for that New Improved Venue with added Cancer as Norton sends his own staff in to do the job (as well as their own).

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