The Friday night half-pissed post

The Blogger was supposed to write the fourth and final part of his ‘Labour home care policy unveiled’ trilogy (yeah, yeah I know but I don’t know what you call a four-parter) tonight.

However, what with a visit to the pub on the way home and a night out at the Venue 25th Anniversary Party – despite not being invited (twice) – still to come, time is not on The Blogger’s side.

Instead a few pieces of housekeeping…

First. I got up this morning, switched on my computer and fired up the internet only to be confronted with some fucking iGoogle page with something called ‘Voscur Aggregator’ taking pride of place. I wonder if any member of my readership can shed any light on this? I mean, mornings are bad enough already without having to put up with Bristol voluntary sector/Labour Party diversity agenda non-news being involuntarily hurled at you from the comfort of your own computer. Awful.

Elsewhere, The Blogger’s managed to impress someone. (Not sure how).

So what made it interesting and caused me to go? Well, in a nutshell, it was this person, The Bristol Blogger. At times it’s not the most work safe blog language wise, and it doesn’t mince its words, but its analysis of the power struggles going on over the last few weeks, and what was likely to happen at the meeting I attended, made it so engaging that I wanted to get down there and be part of it.

This whole of this dangerously complimentary post can be found on something called delib. I don’t who they are but I’m gonna return to this ’cause it says some very interesting things about the relationship of bureaucracy to democracy in this town and I’m desperate for stories at the moment.

Also The Blogger’s Bollocks, bollocks, bollocks‘ post last night has been featured in The First Post’sBest of the Web‘… Which makes you wonder what the worst of the web is like really.

And finally… Top tips for new bloggers…

Obvious really. If you include terms such as “lesbian”, “sex” and “cocaine” in your posts, the level of traffic on your blog increases lots. And lots. And lots.

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  1. irvken says:

    heh, that’s what happens when you share a machine, I have a constant unwanted feed from the Bad Mothers Club

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