Olympic logo New World Order conspiracy proof

Yes. It had to be. The London Olympics are “in on it too”. Proof positive that a world Zionist conspiracy is afoot:

Olympic logo; Zion

My favourite conspiracy theory of the moment is one claiming that John Lennon was shot by novelist Stephen King. The proof is here. (Hat tip: Olly’s Onions)

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3 Responses to Olympic logo New World Order conspiracy proof

  1. paul nash says:

    stolen from the storm front lefty

  2. Synak says:

    Pay special attention to the first shape in the Olympic logo. It clearly (among other things) takes the form of the letter Z. Then look inside the shape where the word “london” is written. I believe there is a reason why the first letter of that word is not capitalized and resembles another letter this time being I. Combine the Z and the first half of “london” and you get the word ZION. All of this is deliberately placed accordingly. What is left after the word ZION? It is “don” or rather “dawn”. Again, also in specific order. Dawn of Zion and or Dawn of Zionists.


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