Bristolians of the week

1. David Nolan – Fine wine fanatic

David was less than impressed with the management of Ashton Court Festival and their strategy to turn the festival into a Disney-style family attraction.

When he was told by the festival organisers he would be “dealt with appropriately” for sitting outside the festival’s Classical Tent enjoying Claret with his family he took the internet and the airwaves with some ferocity:

It is unfortunate that this problem has arisen after tickets went on sale as (like a lot of people) I have already shelled out a small fortune for family tickets and parking for the weekend. Had I been aware of these likely infringements of my usual ACF enjoyment, ie, searches and possibly being “dealt with appropriately” for possession of Claret, I probably would have been put off going for the first time in 29 years.

Well done Ashton Court Festival. At least you’ve managed to unite opposition to your plans that ranges from the Ketamine Krew through to wine drinking classical music fans. Quite an achievement.

2. Sean – The radio phone-in king

Sean’s recent exchange with BBC Radio Bristol’s Sam Mason borders on genius:

Sam Mason, presenter: And now we go to Sean in Bristol. Sean, can you sum up the weather where you are in one word?

Sean: Cunt.

(Hat tip: Private Eye)

3. L Fox, Filton – Letter writer of distinction

Mr/Ms Fox had this published in the Evening Cancer today:

Just a suggestion to save Concorde from rusting away on Filton Airfield. Couldn’t it be turned into a Tesco Express? After all, Tesco seems to be putting stores just about everywhere else.

Congratulations all. You make this city what it is.

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3 Responses to Bristolians of the week

  1. Steve says:


  2. Dona Qixota says:

    Luckily for Sam – and the rest of us – some are a little more tolerant, Steve.

    “Abdul Malik, Lib Dem councillor for Easton, said the issue should not be blown out of proportion.

    He said: “As a radio presenter, Sam Mason should have known better.

    “However, as an individual she has the right to ask for anything or anyone that she feels would be in the best interests of her daughter.

    “We’ve seen how political correctness can sometimes get out of control and there can sometimes be an overreaction. We certainly need to stamp out the pc culture that appears to be ripping the heart out of this country at the moment.

    “Having said that, in this case, I think the BBC has done the right thing.”…”

  3. reg says:

    were frightened to drop wind in our own country

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