Ashton Court RIP (Slight Return)

Ashton Court Festival organiser Steve Hunt was on BBC Radio Bristol this morning engaging in yet another bout of backtracking.

On Wednesday he was claiming that his festival booze ban was due to “feedback we have had from previous years from both the public and artists performing during the weekend” and was to “keep the atmosphere over the weekend fun, friendly and family orientated.”

Who did he get this feedback from? His mum and the Jehovah’s Witnesses from next door?

But on the BBC today he told a different story. The reason for his booze ban was down to the conditions of this year’s licence.

He said, “When you eventually get a licence you always get … lots of conditions attached to it. I’m afraid this year they’re saying that we’re not allowed to have people bringing alcohol into the event.

“If we don’t comply with that we don’t have a licence.”

For fucks sake. What will his story be on Monday?

If Hunt is so interested in public feedback why doesn’t he read the feedback on the BBC (, and in the Cancer which is overwhelming in its lack of confidence in him and his management and which is completely rejecting his festival plans.

He appears to be organising a ‘community’ festival nobody wants. How much longer can he last?

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