The Labour promises thread

Lambs to the slaughter

The Labour Party made a lot of promises at these elections. Here’s a few:

– to keep home care in-house

– to return £10m of council tax overpayments to council tax payers

– to return to weekly rubbish collections in Easton and Lawrence Hill

– to scrap the South Bristol ring road

Any more for any more?

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4 Responses to The Labour promises thread

  1. S F says:

    I see that the Beynon family gets its reward from Labour for backing the T&G union – you boy Beynon has got an “executive assistant” position in the new administration – one that comes with a cash reward from the tax-payer!

    Interestingly, Labour opposed “executive assistant” positions while in opposition – saying that they were naff and should get no financial reward – and voted with the Tories to strip the Liberals of theirs. Funny how things change when you get in power…

  2. S F says:

    Seems Labour promised plastic recycling from the doorstep in Ashley!

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