Labour's secret location to meet the people revealed

A politician covered in shit
A politician covered in shit…

Gordon Brown’s non-election roadshow hits Bristol on Saturday. He will be appearing alongside the six contenders for the deputy leadership of the Labour Party that I really can’t be fucked to list.

Due to the extraordinary levels of paranoia that now infest the semi-tragic and corrupt remnants of the Labour Party, the location of this ‘government meets the people charade’ is, of course, top secret.

However, anyone wishing to attend the event, for any reason – maybe with a large bucket of shit? – might find these instructions helpful:

The LP hustings meeting in Bristol on Saturday 26th May is at:

WISE Campus
Filton College
New Road
Stoke Gifford
BS34 8LP


This is on the northern edge of the city, a short walk from Bristol Parkway
station – accessible by train, bus , plenty of parking (at a price).


Services 73 & 74 from Bristol City Centre – up Gloucester Road to Bristol

The time currently given for the meeting is ‘around mid-day’. The lobby will
assemble at 11am.

For further information email

Spread the word

Hat tip: Bristol Indymedia

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