New additions

Some new blogs added to the site:

Alex Woodman is the new 23 year old Lib Dem Councillor for Cabot who was recruited from his day job in Stephen Williams MP’s office. Alex got off to rather a poor start with his maiden speech at the Council House last week when he asked the mayor to use standing orders to remove the public from the chamber for shouting at him. Hopefully his blog will maintain this fine tradition…

The Secular Backlash is from Barton Hill and sensibly doesn’t like religion one little bit. This is a very entertaining blog at times.

Meanwhile Green blogs are growing like something that’s green and grows a lot. Vowles the Green is the blog of Knowle Green candidate Glen Vowles. It’s an interesting combination of local green issues and a sales pitch for the Open University who he works for.

Bristol Green Gage describes himself as “a Bristol Green Party footsoldier with a penchant for nettles”, which is nice. But aren’t Greens supposed to be pacifists? Do they have footsoldiers?

Are political bloggers taking over in Bristol yet? Certainly more information and analysis to be found in this little lot than in the Evening Cancer, the BBC and Venue

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