Kim Il Beynon Speaks!


It’s the final communiqué from General Kim Il Bey-Non, Eternal Shop Steward of the Numpty Republic of Transport House.

And it’s time to celebrate the glorious victory of his son the people. “We have kept the inhouse service,” pronounces the reality-defying general to his loyal troops as he launches into a gushing tribute of the new people’s princess Helen Holland. (I don’t know either. Perhaps he wants to shag her?)

Beynon’s talking utter bollocks of course. The Labour Party has made no such commitment to keep the home care service in-house. When pressed on Tuesday night, Labour studiously avoided the question although they have stated they will be calling a cabinet meeting at the earliest opportunity to halt the Lib Dems’ plans.

Even that’s been strangely delayed. An announcement of this cabinet meeting is yet to appear. Why can’t they get on with it next week? What’s the delay? Surely it can’t be that they have no idea how to implement their election promise? Are Holland and Hammond at the Council House right now rifling through the accounts in search of a few million?

Despite Kim Il Bey-Non’s pronouncements on their behalf, many home care workers are already deeply suspicious about the Labour Party, the T&G and their real intentions. The Blogger learns some are even planning to attend cabinet and council meetings to investigate further Holland and Hammond’s unanswered questions.

The fact that Beynon’s used their union subs to fund his son’s election campaign is also not going down too well with certain sections of the T&G membership. So it’ll be interesting to see if Il Bey-Non goes along to support his members in their ongoing struggle. Or are T&G members only officially supported when they ask Lib Dems questions?

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4 Responses to Kim Il Beynon Speaks!

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  2. Dear Blogger

    see the Bristol Evening Post today? We’ll Scrap Home Care Privatisation . . . Suppose you’ll find something wrong with it, something else wrong with the campaign, some other reason why we shouldnt have bothered, some other inspired explanation as to how we have been stupid, misguided, manipulated, orchestrated . . . you got it wrong, we got off our arses, we stuck together, we worked very hard and we’ve won.

  3. thebristolblogger says:

    Where you see victory, The Blogger sees uncosted promises and on-the-hoof policy making.
    I shall be commenting on this within the next few days at greater length…

  4. Joe says:

    By “scrap”, read “forget we did it two years ago”. For “save”, read “decimate other services and leave the elderly to suffer”.

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