"In home care time and space are the same thing"

Councillors come good

No leadership? No problemo! Says Kim Il Bey-Non, Eternal Shop Steward of the Numpty Republic of Transport House.

While people across the city see only another embarrassing Labour-inspired city council shambles unfolding, The Home Care Workers Blog run by sections of the T&G very close to the Bristol Labour Party are hailing Tuesday night’s Council House fiasco as a glorious victory for the workers… Just one more heave for victory, eh?

The T&G are also inviting us to believe – with no evidence at all – that the Lib Dems are on the verge of a historic u-turn and will be stopping home care privatisation after “discussions” this week. Labour leader, Helen Holland, buying time to avoid explaining why she won’t take power – and do as she’s promised and campaigned for – was spinning a similar line in the Evening Cancer as well.

Meanwhile the Lib Dems, presumably as a part of this imaginary “climbdown and surrender” strategy going on in Helen Holland’s and T&G boss Alun “I’m the daddy” Beynon’s heads, have written to Local Government Minister Phil Woolas demanding that the Labour Group, Tory Group and lone Green on Bristol City Council are arrested for failing in their legal duty to elect a leader of the council on Tuesday night. Yeah. Sounds just like the Lib Dems are about to cave in don’t it?

But why are the unions taking this line? Have they lost their grip on reality? Or could it be that T&G boss “I’m the daddy” Beynon’s buying time too? After all he sold his members the idea that campaigning for his son and the Labour Party at the elections would save their jobs. It hasn’t so far and increasingly looks like it won’t. Is Beynon staring utter humiliation in the face after employing the most useless set of tactics since Graham Taylor had an office at the FA? “Can we not knock it Alun?”

The fall out for Beynon if his Labour Party electoral strategy fails should be career destroying. Contrary to his ludicrous blog headline, most home care workers were livid with the Labour Party councillors on Tuesday night. Not one was heard to say “Councillors come good,” that’s for sure.

What has this country’s once proud Labour movement now sunk to? The likes of bureaucrat Beynon and politico Helen Holland using and exploiting workers for their own political purposes and then trying to save their sorry, hypocritical arses by releasing statements so absurd, untrue and departed from reality they could have come out of the propaganda department of the Korean Workers Party or, er… Graham Taylor:

“Sometimes it’s very hard to follow what would have happened and sometimes it’s hard to follow what has happened.”


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