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More phoney baloney emanating from the Watershed in the wake of its £6m government handout entirely for the benefit of the city’s wealthy, if underemployed, ‘creatives’.

The world’s most pretentious cinema manager, Watershed boss Dick Penny, gushes to Maurice Fells in the Evening Cancer’s Seven mag:

We want to give [The Watershed] more of a Covent Garden feel … Maybe we could create an environment that’s something like a Parisian flea market, with stalls full of products made from the creative energies of the people selling them.

Maybe you could Dick. Maybe you could. But perhaps you should actually visit Covent Garden and notice its mixture of shops, markets, bars, restaurants, cafes and theatres first. Then return to your building and notice it consists of a cinema, three bars and a foyer with enough space for a rack of post cards.

Dick also treats us to some predictable digital waffle. Get this:

“One thing we’re working on is the ‘mobile environment’ around us by making the public ground-floor space a wireless landscape for audio experiences which can be sent to a specific device. This could be the recreation of a historic event on the dockside, or it could be original music.

“We are trying to create a canvas that artistic and creative people can use. Eventually, we could send these audio experiences to your mobile phone.”

So that’s it then. Six trestle tables for Dick’s mates’ bric-a-brac stalls and the wages for a UWE graduate to write some ringtones… That’ll be £6m please!

Sensibly Fells neglects to mention Penny’s crazed plans to ethnically cleanse the docks of anyone Bristolian or working class. Presumably to prevent the pretentious bearded snob sounding too much like, er… A pretentious bearded snob!

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  1. Nataraja says:

    Creativity has many Aspects including destruction

  2. Mariamman says:

    Natural forces cannot be resisted forever

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