Golly! New job for Eddy

Bunter EddyKuumbaBy golly!

The Bristol Blogger learns that Bristol Tory boss Richard “Bunter” Eddy has been handed a new job to supplement his meagre Bristol City Council councillor allowances.

From today Richard will be working part-time 15 hours a week as an Equalities Outreach Diversity Worker for the Kuumba Arts and Community Resource Centre in St Pauls.

The Blogger learns that the council funded project did not advertise or interview for the post. Instead Eddy was handed the job on a “consultancy basis”. The Kuumba claim this is perfectly acceptable and not in breach of their equal opportunities policies as the post is freelance and fixed term.

Nice work if you can get it!

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2 Responses to Golly! New job for Eddy

  1. Jog says:

    Nice one… just for a minute there you had me going, then I remembered the date.. 😉

  2. BrizBoy says:

    You Ba*tard! My mouth was wide open in shock – it’s now 5th April so I was completely fooled.

    I need a lie down…..

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