Dan the fabricator?

Dan the Fabricator

The Blogger has been taking a closer look at Wansdyke MP, Dan Norris. We already know his claim: “I have worked in child protection for 20 years” is not possible. But what about the claim that he’s a social worker?

Well he’s not a social worker according to the Social Care Register. Check for yourself: http://www.gscc.org.uk/The+Social+Care+Register/Check+the+register/

There’s two possibilities here:

  1. Dan was a social worker but is no longer so he hasn’t bothered to register. If this is the case he ought to at least, as an MP who can never resist the opportunity to pompously boast his expertise in the area, understand the Care Standards Act 2000. This ensures that only those who are properly qualified, registered and accountable for their work describe themselves as social workers. Basically if he ain’t registered he ain’t a social worker and shouldn’t describe himself as such or try to present his populist, paranoid paedophile claptrap as in any way a representative view of a profession of which he is not legally a member.
  2. Dan has never been a social worker and is in fact yet another of these public school fantasists that seem to have a regular habit of popping up in Westminster. Is Dan in fact making a career out of working through his adolescent boarding school sexual traumas in public?

The Blogger will be investigating further…

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