BNP confonted in Frome Vale

Seems that the BNP’s canvassing in Frome Vale is running into a few problems. Vile witch Michaela Mackenzie and a couple of fellow BNP workers out delivering leaflets were confronted and driven out of the ward last night by a gang of about 20 black youths.

Ha, ha, ha.

The BNP have reported the incident to the police as a ‘racist attack’.

Ho, ho, ho.

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17 Responses to BNP confonted in Frome Vale

  1. John B says:

    Yes very sad that some people fear democracy so much.How sad you are to be celebrating an attack on a brave woman by some savages.You really are a sad unwashed,idiot lefty!

  2. ken says:

    at least some people have the courage of there convictions to do something …look at the Migration Watch web site there saying the same as the BNP…and as reported in one of the London Nationals yesterday we will have to build 200 house a day for the next 20 years to accomadate the present level of immigration and birthrate..all on Green Field land..

  3. Mike says:

    Re your comment above.. I suppose if it had been a black man driven out by a gang of white youths that would have been a racist attack .. about 20 police officers would have been there ..and you would have been commenting on the poor black person being racialy abused..
    nice write up about the lib dems by the way..which makes think you are a libdem lefty

  4. wendyagoglia says:

    this is terrible, i do agree with mike, if white youths were involved, it would have been plastered all over the local news, headlines RACIST ATTACK, on the whole, england is only a small island, one of these days we are going to sink.

  5. DMarl says:

    ‘Yes very sad that some people fear democracy so much’

    20 working class youths against a couple of racist scumbags? Sounds pretty democratic to me. Them black lads are heroes.

    The fact that the BNP leaflet under the cover of darkness speaks volumes.

    Their racist shite ain’t f*cking wanted.

  6. John B says:

    Funny that,I was out leafleting for the BNP the other day around Patchway and I could have sworn it was in broad daylightAnd I must say the feedback from the general public was very positive.

    Their patroitic shite is wanted very badly.

  7. Michael says:

    The British National Party believes in telling the truth – even if it’s sometimes uncomfortable to hear or even offensive to those that would rather bury their heads in the sand than face the problems in our society.
    But while we often pass critical comment on the impact of mass immigration, multi-culturalism and even foreign religions on the indigenous people of our land, we have no animosity towards immigrants, their descendants or the followers of non-native religions.
    Nor do we intend to encourage others to feel such animosity, or believe that anything we have to say is likely “to stir up hatred”. In fact, we believe that by providing a peaceful and constitutional outlet for the anger and frustration felt by millions of our people over the undemocratic transformation of our country by our political masters, The British National Party actually defuses tensions.
    Where there is “hate” we seek to turn it into righteous anger and political action against the only people who deserve to be hated – the politicians who use our taxes to turn our country into a place where we often feel like strangers in our own land.

  8. Mike says:

    reply to DMarl…BNP leaflet at night because we all work and pay our tax to Mr Brown so he can pay you to lay around sit on your fat ass and do nothing

  9. DMarl says:

    ‘The British National Party believes in telling the truth ‘

    Load of fuckin’ bollocks.

    ‘we have no animosity towards immigrants, their descendants or the followers of non-native religions.’

    Load of fuckin’ bollocks.

    Your leader is a pop-eyed, hitler-worshipping, anti-semitic, racist, twat who needs a fucking hiding.

    Bring back the AFA.

  10. Paul Mason says:

    Two recommended websites: (links broken)



    Commies – who needs ’em?

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  12. Nick says:

    Glad to see the local youth are up for a bit of “Bash the Fash!”
    Best read on fighting Fascism Morris Beckman’s account of how Jewish and Gentile ex servicemen and women, physically drove Mosley and his evil clan off the streets.
    AFA may have gone check out

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  14. Dave Martin says:

    @DMarl – What constructive feedback. Well done. You don’t come across as an uneducated fool at all.

    It makes me laugh how people attack the BNP based on nothing more than the one-sided view fed to them by the mainstream media. It’s funny how slowly but surely even this same mainstream media is being forced to report the truth about the state of Britain today. Funny in that the BNP have been trying to tell people the same thing for ages….

    The simple fact is, if you are an indigenous British person in this country today, you’re placed lower down the scale than anyone else.

    It’s going to change. There’s only so long that normal rational people like myself will put up with it. As much as the media would love you to believe it, we are not all skinhead nazis. We’re regular folk who’re fed up with being second best in our own country.

  15. BristleKRS says:

    “Normal rational people”? “Regular folk”? What, like Nick Griffin, Tony Lecomber and Mark Collett?

    So are you a wonky-eyed control freak, a violent bomber or a kiddy-fiddling loudmouth?

    I’m sure you, personally, are not; but your party’s leadership certainly does not meet the highest standards of personal behaviour, does it?

    Being white and working class should not be anything to be ashamed of. But trying to get your voice heard through organisations like the BNP is the wrong path. The leaderships of such organisations holds the white working class in contempt just as the Blairs and the Camerons of this world do.

    PS “…if you are an indigenous British person in this country today, you’re placed lower down the scale than anyone else” – crock of shit, and you know it.

  16. Ed says:

    What a victory for democracy, 20 thugs preventing a legal political party from campaigning

  17. cat says:

    I wish BNP supporters would leave Christianity out of it. “their descendants or the followers of non-native religions.” Perhaps if more supposed Christians in this country acted as Chirst did, there would be less BNP supporters.

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