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Official Lib Dem policy: arena on the greenbelt

New year gifts don’t get much more entertaining than this … A copy of the local Lib Dems’ demented effort at producing a fake newspaper – The Bristol Reporter – landed on the doormat yesterday. Containing no less than nine … Continue reading

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Legal news

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APj_-6HUg1s] Fine sport at yesterday evening’s highly entertaining 14 minute marathon cabinet meeting as our morally challenged snob of a new leader, Babs Janke, treated us to a remarkable lesson in relativism as she defended her racist councillor, Shirley Marshall … Continue reading

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Is fire chief Pearson telling porkies to politicians?

As far as I know they have been sent on no LGBT course. THey were never sent to the conference – which was a pretty stupid idea IMHO. Councillor Tim Kent, Avon Fire & Rescue Authority member October 18 2007 … Continue reading

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