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Official Lib Dem policy: arena on the greenbelt

New year gifts don’t get much more entertaining than this … A copy of the local Lib Dems’ demented effort at producing a fake newspaper – The Bristol Reporter – landed on the doormat yesterday. Containing no less than nine … Continue reading

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Tidings of comfort and joy

A city council press release slips out under the cover of the Christmas break. Already flagged by Lib Dem Cabinet Member, Mark Wright, on this blog, we’re being told “Council takes action to safeguard privacy”. Potentially good news then as … Continue reading

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Tesco Ashton Gate Planning Meeting: CANCELLED!!!

The dedicated planning meeting to decide the Tesco Ashton Gate planning application has been cancelled today without explanation. This follows another Lib Dem/council officer fiasco today after Deputy Chief Exec Jon House and his sidekick Alun Owen appeared to take … Continue reading

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Are our politicians in danger of having to express a view in the near future?

This city’s politicians’ habit of speaking in bland, meaningless platitudes on any and every subject while the bureaucrats they handsomely pay are left with a free hand to royally shaft us may be under threat judging by events today. First … Continue reading

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VOTE 2009: Spot the difference – Lib Dem "shocked and angered" special

Compare and contrast: ———- Forwarded message ———- From: Jon Rogers <jon.rogers@bristol.gov.uk> Date: Mon, Jun 1, 2009 at 3:26 PM Subject: .Ashley eFOCUS – May/June 2009 To: … Like many people I have spoken to, I am shocked and angered by … Continue reading

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Questions, questions 2: Residents' Parking Zones

Lib Dem Mark Wright has picked up on some points raised by The Blogger over on Charlie Bolton’s blog regarding the finances of the proposed Residents’ Parking Zones for wealthier inner city areas. Council officers have been selling the scheme … Continue reading

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