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Turning the tables on the surveillance society: can we find out what they've been looking at on the internet?

Chris Hutt draws our attention to an “interesting” Freedom of Information request. So can it be done? Can we find out what the great, the good, the powerful – the people that run our lives – are doing on the … Continue reading

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Bristotalian of the week

Step forward Green Bristol Blogger, Chris Hutt … Despite the red trousered public school twit being out of the country prancing like a tit around Europe on his August Grand Tour, there’s no respite for Cancer readers from George Ferguson’s … Continue reading

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A capital idea

Chris Hutt at the Green Bristol Blog has been casting a critical eye over proposed Cycling City expenditure this week. Meanwhile Tory Councillor Geoff Gollop is asking difficult questions (pdf) about the city’s latest money-pit, the Museum of Bristol, which … Continue reading

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Car crash blog post of the week

Take a bow Bristol’s only Green Councillor, Charlie Bolton. In an extraordinarily misjudged outburst on his blog, Charlie managed to put not only a large dent in his credibility and raise huge questions about his personal integrity, he’s also effortlessly … Continue reading

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