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In a parallel universe very, very nearby …

A couple of nuggets added to Charlie Bolton’s blog today … First we learn Bristol City Council is spending £43,000 a year on bottled water. Perfectly reasonable really. How can we possibly expect council officers to drink water out of … Continue reading

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More Bristol News news

The battle to save the Marksbury Road Library, situated in the middle of one of the most deprived areas of the city, takes a new turn. The Bristol Green Party is proposing that the extra £100,000 earmarked by the Labour … Continue reading

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Whoops! Green councillor shoots himself in foot!

Photos by _saturnine It’s more bad news for Bristol’s backfiring green machine . . . Ho, ho, ho . . . Looks like Bristol Green Party’s uncanny knack to tune right in there on public opinion strikes again. Ha, ha, … Continue reading

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E-democracy conflab joy

Are they keeping this a secret so that selected council staff can scoff all the tax payer-funded canapés themselves? An alert reader flags up the forthcoming Bristol E-Democracy Day – ‘Modern Methods of governance – democracy in action or mob … Continue reading

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