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Lib Dem IT technofix horror

Newbie Lib Dem finance wizard, the Hampshire businessman and former Tory Mike Popham – who’s been a councillor for less than two years – has granted an interview to the Cancer. And this owner of a software company providing services … Continue reading

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Overspend watch

Whoops! They’ve done it again! Looks like Bristol City Council have screwed up another capital project. This time it’s the £20m Colston Hall foyer project that’s still ten months from completion. Here’s the relevant bit of the report (pdf) from … Continue reading

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Open season!

The meeting of Bristol City Council’s Audit Committee on Friday to sign off the authority’s accounts for the year 2007-08 will soon be the trigger for a very handy piece of legislation indeed for you dear reader, citizen and voter. … Continue reading

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Muslim balls

Yet another hugely unpopular public spending announcement – likely to have the exact opposite effect to the one they intend – finds the city council proposing to fork out £80,000 of our money on a survey to help Muslims “integrate … Continue reading

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Hello mum!

The Blogger’s inexorable rise continues with our first mention in the council chamber… We will, of course, not rest until we have been condemned in the house! They were actually quite an interesting set of questions from Hopkins, who managed … Continue reading

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