The Bristol Blogger is moving home

The recent hoo-ha with WordPress, which resulted in the Blogger removing some posts from the blog, has highlighted how vulnerable this blog and its contents are to WordPress’s whims.

The Blogger was particularly disturbed by this in WordPress’s Terms of Service (TOS):

Blogs are suspended if they are found to be in breach of the TOS.

We do not contact you first to ask that content be modified or removed.

You may NOT have that blog name back.

You may NOT have the blog content back

Basically WordPress have a right to take all this blog and its content away forever.

Following a summit meeting, the following decision has therefore been taken.

1. The blog in its current WordPress-hosted form will be removed from public view at 6.00pm Sunday.

2. Work will then commence on building a new blog from scratch using tools available from

3. The current blog’s archive will be transferred to this new blog

4. A suitable domain name will be purchased – it’ll be interesting to see who owns The Bristol Blogger won’t it?

5. A state-of-the-art politically-motivated ISP will be identified and approached to host this new blog in a safe environment.


PS. In the meantime the Blogger might be found writing the internet news column for Bristol 24-7 that’s been promised for ages.

Check out our old friends at The Bristolian for gossip.

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10 Responses to The Bristol Blogger is moving home

  1. woodsy says:

    A state-of-the-art politically-motivated ISP will be identified and approached to host this new blog in a safe environment.

    That’s the UK ruled out then! 😉

  2. badnewswade says: and are both free! 🙂

  3. Anon-ish says:

    Dear BB,
    I’ve never bothered emailing you before but I read your blog often and I just wanted to show a bit of support. Keep up the good work on your new site. You provide really a valuable view.

  4. inks says:

    clook are a good web host. Not quite the cheapest but technically sound and with a good reputation. I’d avoid ‘politically motivated’ hosts, they tend to be flakey in practice.

  5. Pete Jordan says:

    What @woodsy said; we (as in my werk hat) would already have volunteered to add BB to our small collection of WordPress sites were it not that our servers are in Cambridgeshire and so vulnerable to Carter Fuck, Eady J. &c.

    Even setting up off-shore hosting wouldn’t help, as our company is registered in the UK. I can’t see either Labour or the Tories doing anything about UK libel law either; it’s too much in their interests to keep things as they are.

  6. harryT says:

    You should have a look at

    They are based in the Netherlands. The Hillsborough Justice Campaign run their site from Contrast to avoid injunction from the Police Fed and others. They specialise in offering “asylum” for political web sites.

  7. pristol plogger says: and are also still free!

    It is so crucial that you keep up your important work.

  8. Rosso Verde says:

    Good luck with it!

  9. dreamingspire says:

    I echo that: good luck! The views through your window on the underworld where lives the Bristol Counts Louse are essential for the maintenance of sanity.

  10. pristol plogger says:

    Never mind all that political nonsense, its the typo spotting service that really get’s to the heart of what matters here in Bristol.

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