"Institutional abuse" identified in Bristol's care homes

Today’s report from the Care Quality Commission (CQS) in to Bristol’s adult care services is mainy a text book example of what happens when the dead hand of bureaucracy meets impenetrable New Labour social jargon.

So we’ve got an “Annual performance assessment” report grading the city’s services on the basis of their contribution to a bunch of positive-sounding empty slogans such as “Making a positive contribution”; “Freedom from discrimination and harassment” and that New Labour favourite “Increased choice and control”.

And we learn from all this that Bristol is judged to be doing “Well”, whatever that means.

But wade through the yards of meaningless jargon – how about “A comprehensive Joint Strategic Needs Assessment has been produced which is being used as a source document for planning and as the basis for reviewing commissioning strategies”? – and you might discover the odd fact.

Like this one hidden away on page 5:

The council has been working with some providers to address institutional abuse and is using the learning and experience from this as a model for partnership working with other homes.

There it is. An open admission of institutional abuse in Bristol’s care homes. Especially note the verb “address” in that sentence. They’re not “investigating” allegations any more, they’re “addressing” a problem they’ve made a great effort not to admit they have.

The truth is slowly coming out …

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11 Responses to "Institutional abuse" identified in Bristol's care homes

  1. Anon says:

    What is it that you do, that is so fucking great for society?

  2. harryT says:

    He does this.

    This site is one of the most important assets we have in this city.

    Or would rather no one raised the issue of abuse of the elderly.

  3. Seebag says:

    Easy – this site is one of the best resources available for exposing Bristol City Council ineptitude, and Gormlessdroyd’s vacuous jargon and drivel. As such it’s doing great service for society. – and no swearing even necessary.

  4. Anon says:

    Get out of his arse!

  5. Bristol Dave says:

    I suggest “Anon” climbs out of McNamara’s arse, there’s only space there for McNamara’s own head there

  6. inks says:

    Is “anon” Simon Caplan?

    For what it’s worth the Care Quality Commission give Bristol a “performing well” badge. It’s basically a paper-shuffling exercise so it’s not worth a great deal.

  7. Anon says:

    Maybe a bit rash from anon 1 but to be fair what real change has this blog made or changed the lives of people. You Bristolians love to hate your own city.

  8. W00dburner says:

    I’m just glad somebody is doing this. If the city had nothing to hide, there would be no muck to rake…

  9. harryT says:

    why is it when you point out something as abhorrent as abuse of the elderly, people argue that you hate your own city ? Yes lets hide all the corruption, waste and abuse out of love.

    maybe anon 1 and anon2 are anonymous abusers of old people ? That might explain their objections.

  10. badnewswade says:

    Anon // December 4, 2009 at 2:43 pm

    Maybe a bit rash from anon 1 but to be fair what real change has this blog made or changed the lives of people. You Bristolians love to hate your own city.

    Nah, just the scumbags who have run it into the ground, Anons. (Wassamatta? Don’t have the balls to put your names to your snide comments)

  11. Anon says:

    Just funny watching the bloggeratti get their knickers in a twist! Not an abuser of old people..oddly enough, far from it in fact.

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