Fwd: Steve Norman's letter to all councillors

Dear Councillor,

I have no doubt that by now you are aware of the story on the BBC Bristol News web site: ‘Failings Uncovered At Four Bristol Care Homes’and the documentary aired this evening on ‘Inside Out West’

The company concerned is your partner, Mimosa Healthcare – strapline: ‘WHERE PEOPLE MATTER’.

This is the same provider that I brought to the attention of a Health & Scrutiny Commission and Cabinet in February when I attempted to expose the abuse and bullying that was taking place at Kingsmead Lodge Nursing Home. This was rebuffed by your council – as is the norm.

Soon after this, a photograph appeared in the Evening Post featuring the council leader and Councillor Knott stood outside Mimosa’s Sunnymead Manor home alongside an article in which they claimed everyone inside seemed “content”.

I would hope as an elected representative, serving the good citizens of Bristol, that you find it appalling when you read judgments such as “atrocious” being made about Mimosa’s homes by a body like the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

I sincerely hope it does because there is no place in the City Of Bristol for such a consistently appalling provider of private residential and nursing care or anyone prepared to support them.

Furthermore when this company, that runs 32 homes up and down this country, are only receiving one and two star ratings from a five star rating system and descriptions such as “adequate” are the best they can do, I would hope serious alarm bells are ringing. Or is it going
to be a case once again of ‘we will weather the storm’?

I hope you will agree with me when I say there is no place in this city for such a poor provider and that you will be asking the relevant officers to take residents that are currently in the care of Mimosa out of their care immediately.

However, I feel – as usual – the private provider tail will be wagging your local authority dog.

Your sincerely
Steven Norman

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  1. Bemused says:

    Oh dear…. Having watched Inside Out West on BBC I Player, I fear that Sharon O`Connor is Mimosa`s new fall guy! Barbara Cotman and her side kick Mark Butler were nowhere to be seen after Butler failed miserably, resulting in those 4 failing homes in Bristol!!Cotman usually brags that “Mimosa is my company” when we all know Anthony Massouras is the owner. Hang on… where was he? Hiding behind his other lucrative business no doubt, his alcohol recovery services. Which inspection reports have you looked at Ms O`Connor when you state that Mimosa has excellent care standards across its homes? Wake up and smell the roses.

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