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Some heavyweight anti-authoritarian politics comes to Bristol and the south west as a trade union dedicated to the overthrow and destruction of the boss class opens up shop.

The Bristol and South west branch of the Wobblies – or the International Workers of the World to the uninitiated – is now up and running and looking for new recruits.

Already drawing lots of experienced unionists, militant workers, anarchos, artists, intellectuals, journos and a few people who seem to have just walked in off the street, you’re no customer in this union and won’t find marketing men selling you your brighter day along with cheap car insurance and 2-4-1 package holiday deals. You have to participate instead.

If you’re already in a mainstream union and think it’s bollocks or you’re an unaligned activist seeking like-minded people then this might be the place to start. Also if you’re in work and don’t want a mainstream union or a mainstream union don’t seem to want you then give the Wobblies a shout. The unemployed, the unwaged and the unruly are welcome too.


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  1. Gnome says:

    Nice piece BB and thanks for the plug!
    Local workers who want to know more can contact Bristol IWW at bristoliww@riseup.net as well as reading through the IWW website.
    Next Bristol meet probably wont be until about 8 January now, which should fit nicely with everyone’s new year revolutions.

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