Colin Sexstone's web of intrigue

It looks like Bristol City’s dopey Chief Exec Colin Sexstone has had orders from big boss Stevie Lansdown to get on the offensive over their plans to build a Tesco at Ashton Gate.

So Sexstone’s called in the corporate CONsultation experts from London with a sales pitch. Lower case and apostrophe free wagstaffsdesign gush on their website:

Much of our work involves helping clients visualise major projects for the planning process so it should come as no surprise that we’ve built up considerable expertise in public consultation. Blah, blah, blah … We will ensure you get the public on side.

The result is the Support City – Support Progress website, which, it must be said, is quite a slick looking effort from old codger Sexstone.

Southville’s Green councillor Charlie Bolton has even commented ruefully on his blog:

Well, I suppose I could have hoped for the pro-Tesco lobby to remain incompetent, but looks like it won’t last

However, the main purpose of Sexstone’s little web project seems to be to get Bristol City fans to sign what he’s calling the ‘say yes to Tesco’ petition on the council’s website, the wording of which says:

At present the provision of supermarkets on the edge of south Bristol is insufficient to satisfy present demand and with population increases expected future demand.

Fair enough. But why then are around 50% of the signatories on the petition from North Bristol and South Gloucestershire? Are they all having to motor down to South Bristol to shop and then finding our supermarkets too busy?

Surely then they’re making an urgent case for a new supermarket to serve North Bristol, which they could all use and relieve the pressure on our overburdened South Bristol supermarkets they’re finding so busy?

If they actually bother to print it out, will Sexstone’s daft petition be worth the paper it’s printed on?

Better get back to the drawing board and reword that petition Colin …

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6 Responses to Colin Sexstone's web of intrigue

  1. Anon says:

    Someone likes you at the Daily Mail’s website.

    Click on the “Best Rated” comments and look for someone called “Concerned, Bristol” who wrote about you:

    “Hope this ruling puts an end to the anonymous Bristol Blogger, who calls people far worse things. Anonymous bloggers are spiteful, malicious cowards.”

    The irony of this person giving their comment anonymously themselves is clearly lost on them…

  2. Tom says:

    Nice. “Food store”, “food retail development”. They clearly aren’t worried about the Tesco stigma then.

    I moved to this country ten years ago and was curious-when did people start calling shops stores? Apologies in advance to anybody who believes I am disqualified from talking about a planning application in my neighborhood because my great great great great grandparents weren’t about to give the navvies digging the New Cut a bloody nose.

  3. Marlow says:

    Roughly the same time they started using the word deli.

  4. Southville Deli says:

    And roughly the same time people started to say “Can I get”, not “Can I have” and “hey” not “Hi”, or “I’m Good thanks”

  5. mike f says:

    Deli Paul changes website but is still refusing to answer the ‘Vince’ question.

  6. Southville Deli says:

    You won’t have been in my shop ,from what I read. So you won’t know that unlike Vinces, we didn’t sell Salamis for the 1st 18 months we were open. I used to be partial to a nice slice of Tiramisu from Vinces ( served a rather pretty but unsmiling/engaging lady)- when the Deli opened, we didn’t sell anything like that either. We’ve also still don’t stock 20/20 or cheap brandy unlike Vinces, or Cadburys range of Chocolates or Persil washing powder.Or Cigarettes and Walkers crisps.
    Perhaps we are responsible for the closure of Buttons on the corner of Raleigh & Beauley. The paper shop by Vauxhall Bridge or the Post office by Greenway Bush Lane as well. If not, what do you attribute their closure to? Oh,and ALL the corner shops along Chessel Street – not forgetting the corner shop in the corner of Kingston Rd & Dean Lane. Answers please.

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