It's Red Trousers wot won it!

Confirmation – as if we really needed it – that Red Trousered architect, George Ferguson, is an utterly deluded egomaniac and public school twit of the very highest order.

Wondering who was the – ahem – architect of the Lib Dems recent election victory? Why look no further for the answer than ol’ Red Trousers weekly self-serving, pompous ramble in the Evening CancerBy George!

the seeds for Bristol’s Liberal Democrat victory could said to have been sown in 1973 when I was surprisingly elected, with two others, as a Liberal Councillor for Cabot Ward

Yes that’s absolutely right. The sensational election of liberal George to Bristol City Council, undoubtedly an event of earth shattering world historical importance, just 36 years ago was directly responsible for the Lib Dems obtaining a majority in the Council House last week.

Who could possibly argue with such an objective analysis? Any more than you can argue with George’s claim that his little bar and theatre in Southville transformed the mean, dangerous streets of south Bristol overnight into a tranquil oasis of urban middle class living?

Just like he’s going to turn that sleepy, unused, unknown backwater, The Bristol and Bath Railway Path, into a world class cycling facility by building a tower block on it. Truly remarkable isn’t he?

Next week in By George! The day I wrote Blue Lines in 1988 and what I taught Banksy about art.

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3 Responses to It's Red Trousers wot won it!

  1. Archie says:

    This week’s By George column has the trappings of “cult of personality” all hail our wonderful red trousered leader Chairman Ferguson!!!

  2. paul smith says:

    Hilarious – you need to add Ferguson to your dictionary of political terms.

  3. DocSavage says:

    what a wanker.

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