Glossary of Bristol City Council terms: meeting


Kind of ritualised, aimless mass non-exercise conducted by groups of city council officers on a twice daily basis in order that they can have a cup of tea and use up some time either side of lunch. See also conference.

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  2. Anon says:

    You left out one key ingredient – the Ormondroyd (God how I hate that name – makes Bristol sound like Heckmondwyke or Royston Vasey) buzzwords – or are they coming later?

  3. Bureaucrats love to meet, talk, draw up minutes, talk some more, spend tax-payers money cleaning moats and on 3rd mortgages, meet again. Have a meaningless election. Raise taxes. Talk some more. Then they wonder why extremist parties gain support.

  4. Jozer says:

    I once attended a BCC meeting on anti-social behaviour, naively thinking it would be worth it.

    The chair went straight to the subject of setting up ‘six or seven’ sub-committees.

    I never went back.

  5. Holly says:

    …that is assuming they are even in the office as opposed to being on permanent sick leave!

    I simply do not know why people are paying the taxes they do? If they REALLY knew what was happening with their money… they probably wouldn’t!

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