Glossary of Bristol City Council terms: Councillors


A form of decorative finishing unique to Bristol’s Council House. See also Politicians.

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4 Responses to Glossary of Bristol City Council terms: Councillors

  1. Insight says:

    Glossary of Bristol Terms

    BristolBlogger: I met people like this before. They’d had a tough childhood and ha neve quite gotten over it.

  2. At Last says:

    Hmmm. Could be the case. Setting themslves up as some sort of internet nerd version of Banksy, just with a lot less to say.

  3. Never visited website before says:

    Blogger – did you have a difficult childhood. Difficulty fitting in? Problems in
    your relatiohsips with your mother?

    Forget this. Ain’t got enough time to write on. Got a City to save.

  4. Banksy says:

    I suspect “Never visited website before” will be back, probably just now learning how to use the internet. I do know Banksy was a bully at a school though.

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