Dim Prawn seals Gordon's fate

“Gordon Brown will be Prime Minister next week,” the monotoned moron MP for Bristol South intoned today on The Politics Show West.

That’s game over for Gordon then. He’ll be gone by Wednesday.

And for old time’s sake, let’s just remind ourselves of those sharp political antennae and smooth media skills that have characterised the Dim Prawn’s career. Here’s her response to questions from the BBC on her position on Trident in 2007:


Got any Youtubes of local politicians making utter twats of themselves? Send ’em in! (Cash paid for Kerry “I’ll have a safe seat please Bob” McCarthy’s appearance on Blockbusters)

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13 Responses to Dim Prawn seals Gordon's fate

  1. Glenn Vowles says:

    Dawn Primarolo should be ashamed of herself! There hasn’t been any Labour in her or in her Govt for many yrs now and this is well illustrated by the You Tube clip. I’m more Labour than she or her colleagues are!!

    Decades of Labour running Bristol City Council, decades of Labour MPs elected in Bristol South – yet how much has the quality of life for Bristol South’s people improved?? Much the same applies to Bristol East too.

    ‘Labour’ have happily embraced ‘managerialism’, which means no fundamental changes in society.

  2. “There hasn’t been any Labour in her or in…”

    How do you know that she hasn’t had any Labour in her for years Glenn… have you been spying on her or summat?

  3. Ella says:

    You’re terrible.

  4. I know Ella… I just can’t help it;).

  5. Charlie Bolton says:

    Oh for goodness sake, can’t you just have a go at someone else for a bit.

  6. Dona Qixota says:

    Don’t remember Ms Primarolo being mentioned here for a good while. It’s usually our Kerry taking it up the proverbial, isn’t it?

    Never realised that you were so fond of pink Dawnie though, Charlie … Oooh, but is this the goss’ … has Dawnie actually been getting some Green in her lately?

  7. Minerva says:

    Considering a track record that’s uniquely disastrous even I’m amazed she still has a job.
    Also did anyone else notice her breathtaking exchange with the Evening Post where it was revealed that she felt as angry as her constituents about the expenses scandal and promised to publish details of her Additional Costs Allowances and receipts online?
    Of course no receipts were published , instead a couple of heavily redacted forms appeared with much marker pen work!
    Dawn’s indignation and subsequent failure to make good on her promises are curious and breathtaking even by her hypocritical standard, especially given that ‘They Work For You !’website reveal that she MAXED out her claims year after year!

  8. thebristolblogger says:

    She’s reputed to have flipped a few times isn’t she?

  9. Minerva says:

    Hi BB, I take this extract from the Evening Cancer’s puff piece written in collaboration with her it seems, as an admission of flipping at least once:

    “From being elected in 1987, her family home in Bristol was always listed as her main residence but changes in Parliamentary rules meant that during her early years as a Treasury minister she was made to change that to London. The rules changed again and when she was told about the new regulations she switched her main home back to Bristol.”


    I’m not aware, but could be wrong, that any rules have ever compelled a Minister to flip?

    Keep up the good work! I think recent revelations about our ruling class have totally vindicated your less than deferent approach to our ruling class!

  10. thebristolblogger says:

    Indeed there were no rules compelling anyone – minister or not – to flip.

    Until 2004 ministers had to list their London home as the main residence. This was changed after a report by accountants Price Waterhous Cooper into MPs remuneration in 2004.

    This allowed – not compelled – ministers to choose their main residence.

    So it appears, some time after 2004, Dawn selected Bristol as her main residence allowing her to claim second home expenses on the London home.

    when she was told about the new regulations she switched her main home back to Bristol

    This is rubbish. No ‘regulation’ forced her to change her second home designation. She chose to – as the regulations now allowed – for her own personal and financial reasons.

  11. Hogarth says:

    This should also raise a smile/growl, she spent £120 of our money on WHO’S WHO 2006


    She also bought

  12. Hogarth says:

    Sorry, she, sorry we , also bought her a Digital Ixus Canon Camera.

  13. Minerva says:

    MPs’ expenses: Full list of Labour MPs investigated by the Telegraph – Telegraph

    Dawn Primarolo claimed on second home in Bristol. In 2004, switched to London flat and claimed mortgage interest payments


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