The strange death of Labour Bristol

Here are the Euro election results for Bristol’s local authority area:

Conservatives: 20,675 (19.4%)
Lib Dems: 19,834 (18.6%)
Labour: 17,321 (16.2%)
Greens 16,735 (15.7%)
UKIP: 14,647 (13.7%)
BNP: 6,132 (5.7%)
Pensioner Party: 2,796
English Democrats: 2,029
Christian Party: 1,363
Socialist Labour: 1,245
No2EU: 951
Fair Pay Fair Trade: 725
Pro Democracy: 613
Katie Hopkins: 436
Jury Party: 347
M Kernow: 287
WAI D: 59

Not exactly sure how you extrapolate out these results to predict what might happen at a general election …

However, I think it’s probably safe to assume that with the Tories coming out top, the ‘Boat Race Election’ (Oxford vs Cambridge) for Ol’ Man Doug’s Bristol North West Labour/Conservative marginal will now certainly be going to Tory gal, Charlotte Leslie (Oxon) rather than Labour’s tacky London barrister boy, Sam Townend (Cantab).

Judging by this Euro result and evidence from the local election results, the Lib Dems also look well set to entrench Stephen Williams in Bristol West, where Labour now look incapable of mounting any serious challenge as the Greens are now even able to talk themselves up as the main challengers there.

That just leaves the ‘safe’ Labour seats of Bristol East and Bristol South where Two Beds and the Dim Prawn sit on large majorities of 8,621 and 11,142 respectively.

But it’s rather hard to see how they will obtain 45% plus of the vote – as they did last time – from their current base of just 16%. Answers on a postcard please.

Looks like we’re in for an interesting political year doesn’t it?

The Blogger hopes to bring you some further ward-by-ward figures for the Euro elections soon …

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24 Responses to The strange death of Labour Bristol

  1. Bristol Dave says:

    Kerry and Dawn will be re-elected again due to the people who live in those constituencies, most of whom would vote for a streak of runny diarrhea so long as it was wearing a red rosette, whilst muttering “anyone but the Tories. Now, where’s my benefits cheque?”

  2. Jon Rogers says:

    “Bristol North West Labour/Conservative marginal will now certainly be going to Tory gal, Charlotte Leslie (Oxon) rather than Labour’s tacky London barrister boy, Sam Townend (Cantab).”

    Might I be so bold as to suggest that Paul Harrod, our Lib Dem PPC is challenging Ms Leslie?

    Lib Dems won 5 seats of the 9 council seats in the new Bristol North West, whilst Conservatives only won 4 seats. Labour lost them all.

    The Conservatives threw everything at winning Horfield, but the Lib Dems won handsomely.

    I conclude that the General Election choice in North West Bristol will be between Conservatives and Lib Dems.


  3. Rosso Verde says:

    For all the Green bashing (some postings more constructive than others) on this site, we are only polling 586 votes less than Labour. – We actually came top in quite a few wards in the Euro’s including Ashley we think (no one revealed which ward was which in the Euro- Count but all the parties began to work it out).

  4. Sam says:

    Do you know why they say anyone but the Tories?
    cus they were the ones that sold off all the jobs they used to have.
    i live in a part of bristol that has the same mentality (anyone but the tories) but we are lucky enough to have airbus, rolls royce, filton royal mail, cribbs causeway etc
    if they sold off all the jobs here we’d be in the exact same postion.

  5. Sam says:

    runny diarrhea = kerry mcarthys blog

  6. john jones says:

    Filton Royal Mail?. Well I wouldnt be toooo confident about that not being sold off by the Labour Party. Let alone the Tories. As for the rolls royce/cribbs. Are they in private hands? If so how are the Tories going to sell them off ?.

  7. Dona Qixota says:

    “runny diarrhea = kerry mcarthys blog”

    Talking of which, she’s gone very quiet. Nothing since the 5th? That’s not like her.

    Must be a crisis on, or summat.

  8. thebristolblogger says:

    Been made a whip apparently. One of Gordon’s paid Parliamentary thugs. Nice.

  9. Dona Qixota says:

    One of Gordon’s paid Parliamentary thugs … doubtless a role she’ll perform with gusto.

  10. Rosso Verde says:

    A vegan whip?

    Like a walnut whip, but made with carob, yuck!

  11. Hello Lollo, while we’re on the subject of enforcement, as you’re a Green Party member – candidate even – I’ve got a question you might be able to answer. During the past year, I’ve come across two clearly demonstrable cases where candidates for the Green Party have released privileged information about members of the public – which they came across only through party business – on to third parties, who should not have been given this information; in addition to the two clearly demonstrable cases, there is a further case which could probably be demonstrable.

    One incident alone may be human error, but when it happens more than once, surely you have to ask questions about the attitude held by your party towards these vital data protection and privacy issues.

    What is the Green Party’s data protection policy, and do you have a data protection officer? Also, what are the Party’s rules governing sensitive personal data at a local level, and how are they enforced? I understand that such issues are taken very seriously by the Information Commissioner.

  12. Rosso Verde says:

    Hi Lizard , I don’t know of the particulars on what you are talking about and a blog isn’t the best way to discuss these matters, why don’t you email me on and I’ll try to find out for you:

  13. Come come now Lollo. Obviously I don’t intend to discuss the particulars here on this blog… just the general point. The particulars could of course be dealt with in the usual way. I thought however that it might be helpful to the Green Party – especially in these times where privacy is of increasing concern to all – if you are able to stand up and say just how seriously you take data protection. Surely your party has a data protection policy that could be posted up here for all to see, and making it public would only increase the confidence of the public in your organisation? I’m sure that other political parties take this issue seriously… especially since the criticisms made by the DPC back in 2000.

  14. Charlie Bolton says:

    Hi Lizard Watcher

    Well, the Data Protection Act is law, so we have to abide by it.

    If we haven’t, then I suggest you contact the appropriate authorities.

    I would imagine that I am the only person likely to access personal information on a regular basis (to deal with case work).

    If it is me, then you can refer me to the council’s standards board, or the national one, as well as the above.

  15. paul smith says:

    Dead but not down 🙂

    I wouldn’t write us off just yet

  16. Euro Election Quiz says:

    Which one of the following parties increased its number of votes nationally (as well as its %age) compared with the previous 2004 Euro-election?
    a) UKIP
    b) Conservatives
    c) Green

    2. Which out of the following parties scored the highest number of votes in the City of Manchester
    a) Conservatives
    b) UKIP
    c) Green

    3. In which City did the Green Party outpoll all other Parties?
    a) Norwich
    b) Brighton
    c) Both of the above

    4. Which out of the following Parties gained the most votes across the South East, Britain’s largest region?
    a) Labour
    b) BNP
    c) Green

    5. The Lib Dems gained a seat compared to 2004 – by how much did their vote increase since 2004 in percentage terms?
    a) 2%,
    b) 1%
    c) It didn’t, it actually went down.

    6. County Council Elections 2009: The BNP won 3 seats nationally, how many did the Green Party win in Norfolk alone?
    a) 3
    b) 5
    c) 7
    Supplementary question – which of these 2 results got most coverage in the media?

  17. paul smith says:

    An interesting observation. The Lib Dems polled 7,000 more votes in the 23 seats up for election in the City Council than in the 35 seats for the European elections – seems like a significant amount of split voting going on. Where did those votes go?

    The conservative local election result was only 1,000 less than the Euro result again across 2/3rds of seats.

    What are your theories? For tories they could argue UKIP nicked their votes, for lib dems?

  18. Charlie Bolton says:

    I spoke to a lot of people in Ashley who said they would vote for Jon Rogers, but for us in the European elections.

  19. thebristolblogger says:

    What are your theories?

    Lib Dems are tossers?

  20. Sorry to jump in here folks, I’d have shoved this further up the thread if the comment reply function wasn’t disabled.

    No Charlie… you don’t get it. I understand why you’re stepping in here to try and save fellow party workers from putting their feet even further in the shit… perhaps you were even asked to help out… but might not your actions be misplaced? This is after all not an issue about you as a councillor, or about anything that a public official has done, but is rather a question about the party.

    As you can see here, data protection isn’t simply a matter for bodies such as the council, or individual councillors, but for all organisations, as well as their employees and volunteers… private companies, political parties, in short, anyone who handles any data that relates to anybody… names and addresses of members of the public, emails, telephone numbers, or any other details, connected with campaigns for example.

    It is about a lot more than just stating “Well, the Data Protection Act is law, so we have to abide by it”… this much is obvious. Let’s say, hypothetically, that a person contacts the East Bristol Green Party, can said person rest assured that their details will be handled by people who have sufficient understanding of the legal safeguards and obligations? If not, your party is probably in trouble in more ways than one.

    This is an issue of public confidence at a time when privacy issues are becoming increasingly important to people. As I have already pointed out, the Green Party could take a lead here, and show how seriously it takes privacy issues by publishing its policies and safeguards… if it has policies that is..?

    The attitude displayed so far is frankly woolly… in the same way that you demonstrated woolly thinking when you asked why, if the monarchy were to be abolished, you would need to replace it with anything, or, your vague takes on defence and public finance, or even the nature of your candidates. Let us take the matter of Tony Gosling. Before he stood as a candidate representing your party, did anyone actually look at his website? If not why not?

    You seem to think that you are coming under attack here… the scrutiny that you can expect to come under in the future – especially if your party begins to grow in size and influence – will make any examinations by me, the kebab woman, or BB look like a gentle stroll in the park. The growth in GP votes in the European elections has already made me look at this article about the co-president of the European Greens – European Free Alliance… something I would not have bothered doing before last Sunday… the section half way down might not go down too well with many British voters

    Expect a lot more of this sort of scrutiny.

  21. Rosso Verde says:

    I think someone is barking up the wrong tree!

  22. Or even pissing up it…

  23. Charlie Bolton says:

    Lizard Watcher

    as far as I am concerned you have made serious allegations about the Green Party, which if you believe to be true, you have a responsibility to report.

  24. Ann says:

    So, Rosso, why does the party laughingly known as “Green” have an antisemitic national manifesto?

    Royal Mail … yes … Labour MPs like Andrew Smith promise to ‘defend’ local branches against closure, then vote in Parliament for branch closures … this sums up the liars and cheats who have destroyed this country.

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