Court circular #5

Still no sign of a CONsultant plumber on the third floor of the Counts Louse to fix the leaks …

Today we hear that this copper from Sheffield who doesn’t know where Easton is who’s been put put in charge of marketing the city for no coherent reason doesn’t actually bother to live here!

Apparently his family’s still living up north and he’s not bothering to buy a house in Bristol and actually live here as the game plan is obviously to spend a couple of years in Bristol as a staging post to a chief executive’s post somewhere else.

This might explain the desperate desire for a personal CONsultant ‘reputation manager’ mightn’t it? Are we forking out our council tax to help him get a better job by any chance?

Although, it must be said, the copper’s personal ‘reputation manager’, Mark Fletcher, needs to up his game and dust off his web skills a bit.

Any potential employer researching the copper on the internet will indeed discover he has a reputation. But possibly not one that anybody’s going to be wanting to buy a piece of for a six-figure salary.

Google “Jon House” Bristol and you’ll find that already no less than three of the first ten entries come courtesy of The Bristol Blogger. Ho, ho.

I wonder if the copper’s realised yet? Or maybe he doesn’t “do” the internet?

Mind you, if spending public money on enhancing your personal reputation is such a good use of cash, perhaps this preening halfwit copper should consider paying a retainer of a couple of hundred quid a day to the Blogger?

I’m sure we could do wonders very quickly for his increasingly tattered reputation …

The Strategic Leadership fridge story is being held over until tomorrow due to the excessive amount of material still pouring in about this daft copper.

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