Court circular #2

Murky Depths writes …

You may be interested to know that at a meeting I attended earlier this year the esteemed Mr House (Deputy Chief Exec) made a BIG show of the fact that he ‘doesn’t do email‘, saying that he refuses to have an email account in his office, and that his PA deals with all emails addressed to him.

At the time the assembled masses thought that was (i) fucking lazy and (ii)) a really handy way to shirk responsibility by being able to plausibly deny ever seeing something that he should have.

Although, to be fair, typing is probably difficult if you are waiting to evolve thumbs…

Let’s get this straight: our local authority is now paying some copper who doesn’t read their correspondence £140k a year to do marketing?

Why would anyone in their right mind do this?

Presumably the city council’s rigorous recruitment process designed to hook “the best in the business” doesn’t enquire in to whether the candidates actually bother to read their correspondence then?

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  1. SteveL says:

    Well, I guess he wont be getting any messages from Obama on his Blackberry

  2. Sorry to come in here off topic BB and fellow readers, but

    I’d like to post this as an answer to the new piece on Kerry McC’s blog… only I won’t post there… I’d rather post it here instead.

    My reasons for this are that firstly, I don’t trust Kerry’s increasingly erratic moderation. Secondly, I know that strange things happen on Kerry’s blog… it has been observed that replies by third parties (ie not Kerry) are mysteriously written before the comment to which they are referring appears – answers by a mysterious “Lass” spring to mind. It has also been noted that some comments, by her constituents no less, disappear like a puff of smoke a couple of weeks later. All in all, some rather dubious blogging practices.

    Now, with regard to her latest piece, Kerry seems to confusing two things. Firstly, simply ad hominem attacks on a woman’s appearance, and secondly, attacks on a woman’s appearance when she herself is attempting to use her own appearance as a marketing tool.

    Kerry seeks to imply that Jan Ormondroyd was simply attacked for her appearance by blogger, and furthermore, seeks to imply that it was her appearance in the paper that incurred his ridicule… the point blogger was making, was Jan was seeking to use her own appearance on the screens of computers used by (long-suffering) employees of BCC. She somehow appears to think that her image will inspire the workforce.

    Kerry also fails to point out that the description of “saggy tits and bad teeth” was in fact one provided by a female BCC employee, and then quoted verbatim by blogger. Still I suppose that we can’t expect too much in the way of sharp reasoning from Kerry… she is after all only a lawyer.

    It does cross my mind though, Kerry you do seem to be giving considerable thought to this two weeks after the event… I’ve got news for you Kerry… two weeks is a long time in politics… maybe you’re trying to take your mind off the subject of MP’s expenses?

  3. Ella says:

    She’s a blithering idiot. She posts things and then when she’s criticised she acts like she was saying something completely different despite the proof being right there. She managed to talk herself into a cesspit where she implied rape was an issue given too my importance to women. No one would be offended by it because she’s so incredibly, painfully stupid you know she has no idea what she’s saying. If I ever see her in person I’m going to slap her. On her gigantic forehead. Maybe she’s related to David “Pure Inbred” Cameron?

  4. Emerald says:

    Poor old Kerry, can’t even quote herself correctly. On her blog she writes:

    “Through Twitter I asked him whether she ‘used her breasts’ and he said ‘they have been noted’. I replied by asking, ‘noted as in deliberately put on public display, or noted just because they exist?’ (In which case virtually every woman would be fair game). I didn’t get an answer.”

    This is inaccurate and misleading in more than one way. Firstly, Kerry actually twittered:

    “Noted? Do you mean put on display (by which I mean more than just a fitted top) or just noticed because they’re there?“ 9:23 AM May 7th

    Secondly, she did indeed receive a perfectly cogent answer from Bristol Blogger, as follows:

    “No idea. I’m not the one objectifying and commodifying my appearance for marketing purposes. Intention and reading can be at odds.” 11:32 AM May 7th

    Kerry: “I feel a blog coming on. Using that as launching pad. Later.”1:03 PM May 7th

    Bristol Blogger: “Which bit? Objectification and commodification? Or Intention and reception?” 2:26 PM May 7th

    Attentive readers will see that Kerry is the one here with no answer.

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  6. w00dburner says:

    Look what popped up in my in box this morning… the quango’s come over all democratic. Not.

  7. I’ve just been over at Kerry’s blog to see how tits up her moan about how we should all respect the beautiful Jan Ormondroyd or summat had gone… then I saw Emerald’s comments and link!

    Kerry, up until now I thought you had been absolutely crap as a constituency MP… then I saw what you got Emerald to do… If you keep this up I shall have to revise my opinions of you… do you think you could bait any more of the lovely lasses of East Bristol into giving us all a flash?

  8. Emerald says:

    I’m fed up with Kerry’s fooling around and dilatory comment moderation:

    “I was kinda hoping no-one but Kerry would look (lol). Anyway, thanks guys – that’s got me blushing, I’m told!

    I can’t believe that Kerry called my bluff like that. It is IRONIC, particularly in this context, don’t you think, that a blogger who, presumably, considers herself to be politically correct, right on, LGBT- and woman-friendly, refuses point blank to accept the self-identification of another woman, and so pushes one of her own constituents into having to prove online her credentials as a “real” female … and all just because she and her cronies consider my views to be unsuitable, or inappropriate for a woman to hold?

    Kerry, you had better hope that this doesn’t go much further, because it doesn’t take too lively an imagination to figure out what a gift of a funny story it would be to some of the tabloids. “MP forces woman constituent into getting her tits out online”. Oh dear.

    Still, we shouldn’t really expect any better from a party whose women’s section barred one of their own elected councillors (Cllr Rosalind Mitchell) from section meetings, on the pathetic grounds that, as a transgender person and self-identifying woman, she was somehow also not a “proper” woman.

    Bristol Blogger wrote: “what really worries me about all this is that our political class find time to criticise throwaway lines on an obscure internet site but have no comment to make about a clueless idiot being paid £180k a year for business and marketing skills – which they blatantly don’t have – from the public purse.”

    Too, too true. As a constituent, it worries me very much that my MP appears to have been stewing over a relatively unimportant, if transiently amusing story (ie., what put-upon BCC staff reckon to being daily subjected to the sight of Jan’s body – whether clothed or otherwise – on their computers at work) for a whole two, yes that’s two weeks. Huh?????

    And this while her party is disintegrating around her, having not only completely screwed over the country, but also having betrayed traditional (Old Labour) communities and created an ideal ecological niche for parties like the BNP.

    Get a sense of proportion, Kerry, before it’s too late!

    On the subject of film characters, did I see Old Holborn revealing that Penguin looks “just like Brad Pitt” ? … mmmm, yes please … I must visit HIS blog more often …”

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