Court circular #1

By Shitstirrer

Oh dear, Oh dear, Oh dear, Oh dear, Oh dear, Oh dear!

Less than a year into city council Chief Exec Jan Ormondroyd’s “strategic leadership” dream, with the purple regal carpet barely fitted and the bullet-proof glass not yet removed due its complete impracticality, we hear all is not well within the glorious new dynasty.

It seems, as anyone could have told Jan before she appointed him, that her deputy – that copper from Sheffield who doesn’t know where Easton is – is “a prize cock full of shit”.

Indeed we’re reliably told by our man gently padding the new purple carpet in the heart of Jan’s gleaming new open plan management operation that any officer answerable to Deputy Dawg now always emails him along with a cc. copy to Jan so she knows what’s (not) going on. Relationships, to say the least, are being described as “increasingly strained”.

Meanwhile Jan’s highly fashionable, highly expensive open plan, open house regal suite of offices are said to be not what they may appear. “It’s just a load of PR bollocks to try and make them look good,” says our man.

For instance, planning boss David Bishop is still maintaining a private office in Brunel House we learn.

So should he need to do any of those secretive, unminuted private business deals with local millionaires he’s so fond of, he just pops across the road out of the way for a couple of hours and then pops back again later to play “transparency and openness” with Jan and the rest of his senior colleagues in the new offices.

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  1. Dona Qixota says:

    Well if MPs can have first homes, first second homes, second second homes, third second homes, and so on, then why should officers not have first offices and second offices. In fact, surely they’re important enough to have third offices as well? For those sensitive backroom operations …

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