The ego has landed

In Knowle West. Earlier.

Long-suffering residents of the area were today treated to a keynote speech from none other than Public School Twit of the Year, George Ferguson, at the launch of some ill-fated, state funded council internet nonsense called South Bristol Digital Neighbourhoods‘.

Apparently, we’re told, George stood up and proceeded to show the lucky delegates a film of, er … Himself! Prancing like a tit around the Tobacco Factory …

It’s not known if George brought along his guitar and treated the meeting to a couple of his self-penned tunes to round off the David Brent feel he brought to the afternoon.

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4 Responses to The ego has landed

  1. Olly says:

    I just got an email inviting me to pledge some time to support the South Bristol Digital Mentoring project.

    Being fairly technically proficient I thought I’d find out what it was about:

    “The South Bristol Digital Mentoring Project is part of the South Bristol Digital Neighbourhoods Programme which aims to bring the economic, social & environmental benefits of increased digital access, engagement and innovation to South Bristol, creating a thriving digital economy driven by a digitally skilled community.”

    Engagement! Innovation! Thriving digital economy! I took me three goes to get to the end of that paragraph and I’ve still got no idea what it means.

    There’s a possibility that they might want some people to spend some time teaching other people in Knowle how to use Twitter, but you’d never know that.

    Still, I see you’ve signed up BB. Let us know what it’s all about!

  2. how about we aim to get a bit more varied input to this tired old site 🙂

  3. Abbi National says:

    You know, I really agree with Stephen, this site has become very stale recently (and is less well written than it used to be) – what plans has the Bristol Blogger team got to extend their reach – you fellers must get really tired of talking to yourselves.

  4. thebristolblogger says:

    Send your articles to or just post them in the comments.

    It’s your internet: it’s your news.

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