Howzat!! Bristol Labour Party caught taking orders from cricket club toffs and House of Lords lobbyists

Helen Holland: Out - snout before trough

Helen Holland: Out - snout before trough

The Gruesome truth about school places in North Bristol: what you won’t be reading in the Evening Cancer

by lilly manilly

Whatever happened to that new school at Ashley Down?

They spent enough money on the feasibility studies and all seemed to be ok on October 5 2007, it was still on the “Members Information Sheet” ( under the heading “ITEMS SCHEDULED FOR CONSIDERATION IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE LEADER’S FORWARD PLAN”.

It notes that on November 15 2007 the CYPS would be “seeking Cabinet approval approval for the publication of Statutory Notices and to approve the awarding of the design and build contract for the new school to the LEP”. John Bees and Derek Pickup were the guys in charge then.

One week later on October 12th 2007 (on the next Members Information Sheet at this item has mysteriously disappeared … Is this a change of plan and no new school anymore?

November 16 2007 and it’s back on the Members Information Sheet… slightly different … CYPS to seek approval on January 10 2008 to “identify additional primary provision in the Ashley/Bishopston Wards and for the publication of Statutory Notices”

Fast forward to January 10th 2008 and the pretence of the new school being progressed is dropped and replaced with the, previously unfeasible, plan to EXPAND SEFTON PARK SCHOOL!

The report to cabinet (pdf) states:

“A. That the Local Education Partnership (LEP) is requested to undertake Stage 0 and stage 1 design and development for the extension of the Sefton Park schools.”

“B. Where final cost proposals are within the approved capital programme the scheme is implemented.”

So what else happened over this period?

Funnily enough Gloucestershire County Cricket Club employs JBP consultants to run a campaign supporting their aspirations to expand. JBP is based in Clifton and headed up by Jennifer Bryant-Pearson. She happens to be a staff member of Lord Gordon of Strathblane (a Labour peer) at the House of Lords.

She is also listed as staff member to Francis Maud in the House of Commons. Her “other gainful occupation” is listed as “Managing Director, JBP Public Relations Limited, a public relations consultancy; personal client: Gloucester County Cricket Club”.

JBP’s website is very informative. Their “strategic approach” for GCCC includes the following:

“Build up a strong body of support for the proposals amongst a wide range of stakeholders at an early stage to counteract any potential opposition – particularly given two other major development proposals which had recently generated significant controversy and opposition both politically and in the local community”.

“Build strong, strategic relationships with key politicians at Bristol City Council to achieve their support and maximise GCCC’s involvement and influence in the planning process”.

And the result after a little get-together?

“Attendance of over 100 members of the political and business community at the Bristol reception, including explicit endorsement in the media and at the event itself from Cllr Helen Holland, Leader of Bristol City Council”.

The web page includes a nice picture of Helen Holland (above) fondling the GCCC’s balls by the way.

The Independent did try to phone Jennifer Bryant- Pearson back in June 2008 but unfortunately she declined to return their call. Their story ran:

“MPs called for a crackdown to prevent peers employing as assistants people who also work for commercial interests because they receive security passes giving them privileged access to ministers, MPs and peers.”

Now … the only opposition to the new school at Brunel came from the GCCC by way of a letter dated November 19th 2007 to our old friend Heather Tomlinson at the CYPS ( (pdf) – Appendix A) in which they state:

“We now respectfully submit that in our carefully considered opinion the needs of all will not be best met by building a new school on the College site”.

So, there we have it, the corporate aspirations of a cricket club with connections to the eminently honest and respectable Sir Allen Stanford and his banking empire smashing the prospects of Bristol’s primary school children and a respectfully silent media.

Hammond’s alternative? To cram a ridiculous number of kids into an already overcrowded Sefton Park School and, meanwhile, we still don’t have enough places for kids this year or next year.

If the council weren’t so concerned about their corporate aspirations and concentrated more on their boring old mundane responsibilities, (like looking after the welfare of our kids), we’d have a new school at Brunel ready to move into this September.

Maybe the stink of coercion and manipulation is the reason that so many Freedom of Information requests have been ignored or denied over this issue recently?

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15 Responses to Howzat!! Bristol Labour Party caught taking orders from cricket club toffs and House of Lords lobbyists

  1. Excellent piece of investigative journalism.

    Interesting how a single letter of objection from a corporate body like GCCC, or indeed, a single phone call from a merchant venturer can get results, when over 60 letters of objection and a 750 name petition, gets fuck all response. Doubtless the great and the good have a good explanation for this though.

    Makes me so angry I could hang someone upside down by their ankles, and ram an entire rack of pool-balls up their arse with the back end of a cue!

  2. It's not cricket ! take a ------pop! says:

    I see a theme developing!

    Labour Arsehole’s have found their true vocations !

    Great blog BB – does this explain the BCC corporate uses of GCCC of late the Link and Parks Forum bookings?

    Does Glouc’s Terry enjoy a spot of leather on willow?

    Anything to get out of the house!

  3. Derek Fuckup says:

    A loyal party worker has drawn my attention to the libellous nonsense you have published here on your so-called blog, and I felt compelled to respond and correct the lies you are propagating.

    I would like to categorically state that there is no connection at all between the new car parking facility for GCCC’s ground, and the plans to transport children to other areas of the city for their educational requirements.

    Parents of children often fail to understand the complexities of the progressive education system, and the varied methods it uses to prepare children for their future experiences in the world of work. Parents are making the mistake of viewing the time spent travelling to and from school as time wasted. This time is in fact preparation for the commuting that these children will do when they eventually leave school, and take up employment positions within the Council as refuse collection operatives, legal experts, ungulate lactation technicians, and even (if they are truly gifted) as Labour councillors.

    These selfish parents should also remember that, in these times of financial hardship, the transport of our future workforce to their centres of educational excellence will also provide jobs for hard-pressed minibus drivers.

    Finally, as Kerry has pointed out to you, we know who you are, and tomorrow morning I shall be seeing the Council’s legal officer Stephen MacNamental to begin the process of monitoring your telephone calls and e.mail communications to ensure your future good behaviour. I should also point out that if you want your children to commute on a daily basis to their allocated school in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, you are going the right way about it.

    Vote Labour, the family party.

  4. Derek Fuckup says:

    Oh, I nearly forgot. If the Liberal Democrats get in they will privatise all the schools in Bristol!

  5. Richard Ready says:

    Del,Me ol mate take heart these poor sinners know not what they do Buying shares in the old Gccc was the best investment option I have given my private clients in years – Let alone the take up from you guys not building the school far more profits to my clients in building homes through Persimmons.
    Well lets face it clients cant go wrong can they share payouts on the buses rise we keep the chiuldren fit ready for when they start work,Charge extra for the milk from the new farm .by jove what a hoot.
    As always happy to vote with you,

    Richy Ready

  6. Terrance Walllker.ex mp in the bar says:

    Dam blogger fellow.Now listen up here barrating my colleagues in Bristol who do you think you are?

    When I use my bumdies to sort out a favour or 2 for our inflatulant friends to get a wee bit the parking you best keep your nose out of it.

    Your elected far superiors will decide whats best for the litteuns.Voters having a say or opinion is not on do you hear.
    Give me your name blogger ? ill see you never blog in this city again.

    Dont you realise who I am? Ill have the big boys at the brigade come sort you out if you try to stop this rollercoaster were on .

    Rose? did I get my speelings right???

    Dont worry dear we havent educatyed anyone enough to understand anyway ,its taken 30 years to get this far,Ican get the lads and lasses at the Parks dept to sell off a hughe sway of land to fill the gaps .

  7. bluebaldee says:

    Truly disgusting.

    If anything demonstrates the priorities of this Council and the nasty, fetid network between wealthy vested interests, politicians and the media, to the detriment of ordinary citizens, this sorry, sordid little tale is it.

    The stench of corruption hanging over this city reminds me of Naples during their recent landfill/Mafia dispute.

  8. SOILED HANDS says:

    How this group can maintain their thinking that everything they do is for the good of hard working people beggers belief.

  9. Bluebaldee says:

    Oh well, at least there is some good news:

    The Council’s hopeless bid to cover their shortcomings with the fig leaf of the European Green Capital Award has been unsuccessful – Stockholm and Hamburg won.

    Thank god for that – Dame Helen of Holland would’ve become insufferable if through some miracle we had won.

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  11. chirag says:


    This is chirag and i am looking for some club and i played first class cricket in india.So, please suggest me if you want i can send you my C.V
    waiting for your reply

    thanking you

  12. dc1 says:

    hey Chirag,

    …try if you’re looking for cricket this summer

  13. Derek Fuckup says:

    I have just heard that the Liberal Democrat farce now running Bristol (but only until June) think that they can overturn my own and Cllr. Wasp’s decision and build a new school rather than expand GCCC’s parking area – I mean Sefton Park School.

    Well don’t think you can get away with it, it’s not going to happen. I know people, I’m a member of the Labour Party, and I say you can’t do this.

    When we get back in, I’ll have words with Stephen MacNamental, and we’ll use the powers granted to us to combat extremism to get the whole lot of you – yes, you too Jon Rogers you smirking toad – under surveillance. This disruption of our progressive agenda must never be allowed to happen again.

    Vote Labour, improve the city.

  14. BristleKRS says:

    “Smirking toad”?

    Well, I guess that once the beagles were let out they had to find someone to test the tabs :-O

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