Hopeless Hammond's merry-go-round

I see that Labour’s education boss, the congenital idiot Peter Hammond – a Labour Party bearded equal opportunities bore who can’t get out of bed in the morning without first procuring an equalities impact assessment and consulting extensively with a group of self-styled all-male unelected community leaders – has stepped up to the plate to explain why loads of kids haven’t got a local primary school place this year.

It’s because um, er … “Not every parent is able to get their child into their first choice of school this year,” he helpfully explains.

What a brilliant analysis. That explains everything doesn’t it? Thank god we’ve got local leaders of such penetrating intellect.

Meanwhile Hammond’s LEA staff have said, “In the medium to long term, one of our objectives, as part of our major review of primary education, is to ensure primary school places are available where they are needed.”

Which has got a lot of people wondering what was the medium to long term objective for primary places in, say, 2002-03 when 2008-09 was the medium to long term?

Best to ask the Executive Member responsible for Education I guess. Who was … Wait for it … Peter Hammond!

Anyone experiencing problems anywhere in the city with primary school admissions might like to contact the emerging campaign at bishopstonparentsforschools@yahoogroups.co.uk

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