Muslim balls: Mumbai special

Our dear old friend, Farooq Siddique, Cancer editor Mike Norton’s loopy ‘A Muslim in Bristol’ columnist is at it again.

Tuesday’s column found the entirely sane and rational exponent of the religion of peace doing his bit for inter-faith dialogue and community relations in the wake of the Mumbai attacks by, er … aggressively slagging off India!

In a fairly wide ranging attack on the country, the university chaplain turned international anti-terror expert begins by criticising their commando forces, moves on to lambasting their security services and then just slags off their whole government entirely before concluding by taking some time out to explain that India invented suicide bombing, just in case you didn’t know like.

Siddique then sagely advises, with his usual faultless logic, how inaccuracy and bias in the media “serves to alienate British Muslims”. Indeed. And no doubt Bristol’s Indian communities are cock-a-hoop at the sabre-rattling directed at them from the pages of their local paper?

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21 Responses to Muslim balls: Mumbai special

  1. Just goes to show that regardless of what they try to say, everybody’s racist. No exceptions. It’s just a question of degree.

    (Waiting now for the Political Correctness Mafia to take a swipe…).

  2. Anon says:

    Couldn’t agree more, I bet the PC brigade will be along any minute!
    I personally am only racist to a very small degree – but I try to keep a little bit for the Jews LOL!

  3. Dona Qixota says:

    WW, I wouldn’t call this attittude “racism” any more than opposing religious fundamentalists and proselytisers who happen to be brown is “racism” … or this spurious so-called “islamophobia” come to that. People are all too eager to hurl this sort of accusation around in these puritanical days.

    It seems to me more like Islamic exceptionalism, a form of chauvinism on the rise in Britain today.

    I worked for a company alongside many young British Muslims (because of the type of work). It became all too painfully clear that many of them see themselves as superior to myself and other kuffar, partly at least on the grounds that, as Muslims, they alone follow the true religion.

    One day in the loos, a young lady showed me her finger nails painted with the Pakistan colours, in support of the cricket team. I couldn’t resist devilishly telling her that I supported India. She never spoke to me again.

    Not for nothing is the Hindu Kush so named – slaughter of the Hindus.

    fundoomatters.blogspot. com/2006/12/hindu-kush-means-hindu-slaughter.html

  4. Spectator says:

    Personally I have a problem with any religion that advocates the mutilation of small boys’ penises.

  5. Des Bowring says:

    ‘Personally I have a problem with any religion that advocates the mutilation of small boys’ penises’.

    So female genital mutilation is OK?

  6. redzone says:

    not the first pathetic rant from this idiot & i’m sure not the last either 😕
    if anyone is alienating the muslim community, it’s people like him, with ridiculous & controversial statements like this.

  7. Des Bowring says:

    There again there’s nothing wrong with being controversial is there?

  8. thebristolblogger says:

    So female genital mutilation is OK?

    Des, as PC brigade would tell you, female genital mutilation is a cultural not religious practice so yes it’s OK.

  9. Spectator says:

    As a rule Des, I tend to get angry about things that take place here in my own country rather than in other people’s patches of dirt.

    Now, though female genital mutilation stinks IMO, it is already illegal to practice it here in the UK… not that there have been any prosecutions mind you, New Labour wouldn’t want to upset a client group you know… mutilation of male genitals for religious / cultural reasons is however completely legal, and even encouraged by the PC Brigade in the name of multi-culturalism… my local health centre have now set up a circumcision unit to provide the “service”.

  10. CP says:

    Who are the PC Brigade and how do I join? Do we get to fire guns?

  11. Rosso Verde says:

    Dona, are you denying that Islamophobia exists?(you are in danger of sounding like “mad” Mel Phillips)

    There are indeed Muslim bigots out there, its the same for all religions!

    The Sidiqque article is a load of rubbish btw.

  12. Dona Qixota says:

    RV, I do question the social construction of the term, and the use it is put to, in silencing people with valid criticisms of a religion.

    www. ex-muslim.

    Wouldn’t you think that these exceptionally courageous people certainly have a reason to have a teeny bit of a legitimate “phobia” about their would-be controllers? How would you feel in their position?

    And do you always try to dismiss people you don’t agree with as “mad”?

  13. Jozer says:

    The problem with this is that our cultural elite have decreed that ‘Racism’ is in a different league, & is a far worse form of bigotory than sectarianism, homophobia, nationalism, sexism etc.

    That’s why some Irish people are so detemined to say that bigotory they suffer in the UK is racist, when it so palpably isn’t. That’s why Jade Goody was so mortified by the suggestion that she is racist, but not remotely bothered about being seen as an ignorant troglodite bully in general. And that’s why Muslims & the Israel lobby are so inistent that any critisisism of them is racist. It’s why some Muslims complain about being the victims of ‘racism’, while feeling quite justified inlooking down on non-Muslims.

    Maybe a lot of it is, but a lot of it is quite reasonable dislike of their cultural, religious or militaristic behaviour. But play the race card and your critic is immediatly put on the defensive.

    All bigotory is bullshit.

  14. Rosso Verde says:

    I would class Melanie Phillips as a racist and to my mind Mad, its a commonly used term to descibe her.
    The BNP are singling out Islam and I think we have to make a stand against this particular form of Bigotry, was on the London Climate change demo, spoke to some people from the Islamic Network for the Environment, doing some very good work in the Muslim community.
    All religions have their bigots, its a mistake to lump the many strands of any one religion together. There is a massive differnce between the Wahabism of Bin Laden and Sufism for example (or Quakers and right wing evangelicals)
    I’d agree with Jozer that all bigotry is equally bullshit, its less important how its framed as racism or anything else.

  15. Dona Qixota says:

    Jozer wrote: “play the race card and your critic is immediatly put on the defensive.”

    Yes, very true. Jozer’s comments above are 100% spot on, imo.

    I notice, RV, that you are a lot quicker to hurl around insults than to address the perfectly reasonable points that I have raised. I feel very anxious about any Monotheistic religion, as when it gains strength, the historically demonstrated tendency is to suppress minorities, particularly those seen as “abominations”, such as gay people (LGBT), atheists, apostates, or anyone not believing in “The Book”, like Hindus, Wiccans, Pagans and any sundry “idolaters”. Interesting that you have a go about “Islamophobia”, but don’t raise a squeak about the word “Kuffar”.

    No-one is immune from bigotry.

  16. Rosso Verde says:


    It’s not just Monotheistic religions that can be bigotted -even cuddly Buddism has its nasty side – Zen Priests in Japan supporting the Emperors imperialism and the homophobia of the Dalai Lama.

    I wasn’t saying that Islam doesn’t have more than its fair share of bigots and plenty of the worst sort (violent bigots) – Just don’t typecast all muslims as Wahabist nutters.

    Yes no one is immune from bigotry – your points were reasonable, but i think could be misconstrued – sorry if i got the wrong end of the stick!

  17. Mike Hope says:

    Why would this imaginary ‘PC brigade’ support female circumcision?

    The only people who support it are…er…muslims. Maybe that’s the ‘PC brigade’ to whom folk are referring?

    God is only usually concerned about the penis and chopping off that bit of skin, but as it’s Islam presumably his Muslim equivalent wants to make sure women have their genitals mutilated too.

    Religion eh? Who needs it?

  18. Dona Qixota says:

    I tend to speak as I find, RV. You’re right there’s so much Salafism in UK now. Ask about Sufism, you may well find it castigated as “shirk” (a form of heresy). But Mulla Nasruddin surely defies any typecasting:

  19. Rosso Verde says:


    The least reasonable voices of any religion do tend to be the loudest.
    The Saudi regime has a lot to answer for in its funding of its unelighted backward form of Islam, our oil addiction has lead to the west ignoring this trend and people all over the world (muslim and non muslim) are paying the price.

    Thank God I’m an Athiest!

  20. Well son, you seem to be glad that you don’t believe in God! It is my duty to inform you that there is a special place in hell for unbelievers like you, where you are gonna suffer for all eternity. DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG ETERNITY IS? Imagine a ball of iron the size of the sun, and every million years a butterfly flies past it and brushes it with the tip of its wing; WHEN THAT BALL OF IRON IS WORN AWAY TO NOTHING YOUR TORMENT WILL JUST BE BEGINNING!

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    As it says in the Psalms 53:1 “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. Corrupt are they, and have done abominable iniquity: there is none that doeth good.”

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