Simon Caplan’s slander watch: day 2

Alas no word – as yet – from Simon Caplan. Although it looks like he’s been rather busy elsewhere these past few days surreptiously altering official public records in the form of city council press releases. Is that allowed?

Maybe he’s still reading through that new copy of ‘Libel for Dummies’ Jan Ormondroyd got him and trying to work out what he’s been talking about? Or perhaps he’s given the book to his best mate, city council legal eagle, Stephen McNamara hoping to get that all-important legal opinion?

Because lest we forget, Caplan and McNamara are something of a team. While delving through the Blogger’s voluminous local newspaper cuttings collection, this little gem on the undynamic duo surfaced from 2004.

It’s certainly demonstrates something about partnership working at senior officer level at the council:

Carole Caplan Watch (2)

A hard day’s work appears to put the city’s PR boss into a bit of a spin.

Carole Caplan normally spends his day sat on his fat arse trying to convince his admin workers that he’s some kind of Alastair Campbell figure and not the failed village fete correspondent for The Hornchurch and Ilford Bugle.

But the day of Janke’s resignation saw the bone idle one having to work for his £50k of our money and he was not happy.

A drink was obviously in order after this tough day hassling noncompliant local journalists. So he repaired to the Bristol Ram on Park Street with legal boss Stephen MacNamara – rather
fetchingly kitted out in lycra cycling kit and clutching a helmet.

Arriving in the bar the emotional press officer immediately launched into a tirade at bemused punters.

“I’ve been working fucking hard today. Now fuck off,” the great communicator announced to a group of unimpressed drinkers.

Then suddenly realising that he was outnumbered and likely to have his lights punched out he hot-footed it at a remarkable speed to the door.

He was swiftly followed by a petrified and distinctly undignified legal boss – a blur of gangly lycra clad limbs and emerging panic as the entire bar accompanied this farcical exit with a rousing chorus of ‘It’s a Long Way To Tipperary’.

The management of the bar are said to less than impressed with behaviour of the municipal couple.
Bristolian 97, 21 November 2004

Where does Bristol City Council find these socially inept jerks?

Have you got a Carole Caplan story. Let me know. Haven’t got a Caplan story? Make one up. We’ll print it!

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  1. Amelium Celer says:

    I wonder how the ‘bemused punters’ he supposedly randomly started ranting at completely out of context happened to report that story to the very people who wrote the Bristolian?

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