Licensed, no bill

Reader James Cameron writes:

Did you know a number of Radio Bristol journalists or rather “journalists” were treated to a free meal at a new restaurant in the city centre on Thursday night courtesy of the new Cabot City Centre developers?

Oh well – at least they’ll be totally objective when it comes to negative stories about the venture then.

Indeed. Where will the world famous objectivists loyalties lie now? To those of us forced to fork out £150 a year to pay their wages or to a few Brummie spivs who’ve given them a plate of food and a couple of glasses of plonk (cost: £20)?

Be sure to keep your ears peeled for that world famous BBC objectivity courtesy of our license fees folks. Examples welcome.

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14 Responses to Licensed, no bill

  1. Spectator says:

    I don’t have an idiot box, I don’t pay a licence fee. I wouldn’t dream of contributing to the coffers of such a biased, cheating, thieving, lying bunch of toerags.

    BBC – just say no!

  2. Dave says:

    I used to like the BBC. Certainly their News website, which seemed (at the time, a good 8 or 10 years ago) to be fairly balanced and objective.

    Now in my opinion they’ve turned into Pravda.

    As for Cabot Circus, I wonder how “ready” in the sense of “ready” the place will be on the 25th September. Will the surrounding area be completed, or will it still be covered in traffic cones, heavy machinery, and blokes in fluorescent jackets and hard hats? Some bits are still looking distinctly unfinished.

  3. Ella says:

    Did you just call the BBC Communists? More like Il Popolo d’middle england if you catch my drift.

  4. thebristolblogger says:

    Yeah national BBC is like the Guardian on telly, while local BBC is like a scheme for people struggling with basic word processing skills –

    “Right people, let’s try the cut and paste all over again today . Cut from the press release and paste into your story then hand it to nice, well paid Mr Garmston who’ll read it out for you …”

  5. Des Bowring says:

    It was very telling when a news item on BBC Radio Bristol suggested that a fifth of the units at Cabot Circus are still empty – no Cabot Circus spokesman was available for comment on that occasion. Yet hardly an hour goes by normally without some CS bigwig talking up this ‘fantastic retail experience’ on Radio Bristol! Seems like CS are very selective about when to appear on the local media….

  6. Dave says:

    Ella: Yes, pretty much, but moreso the government’s mouthpiece and are rather biased on what is and isn’t reported. Pretty much the same as Pravda.

  7. Ella says:

    You do realise the BBC have been far less the government’s mouthpiece than in previous governments?

  8. Steve says:

    Anyone listening to the (truely terrible) Breakfast show on Radio Bristol would be forgiven for thuinking they’d inadvertantly re-tuned to a commercial station sponsored by “Cabot Circus”.

    The fawning free advertising dressed up as interviews is nothing short of embaressing.

    In fact the whole of Richard Wyatt’s pisspoor show id broadcast from “Cabot Circus” on Thursday. I wonder how many links/jingles he’ll mess up or stories news items he’ll comment upon without having any clue anbout what he’s talking about.

  9. Des Bowring says:

    ….but Steve, according to a spokeswoman this morning, Cabot Circus is going to be perfect for the people of St Judes – they will be able to buy £2000 handbags from Harvey Nicks but sadly, unless anyone wants to run a grocery store, no local food outlet.

  10. Stephen says:

    Des – There is going to be a Chandos Deli (not quite a grocery store).
    I too have been searching the CC info looking for a Butchers? nope. Greengrocer? nope. Fishmonger? nope. Bakers? err Greggs…

  11. The Bristol Blogger says:

    If you had read theCancer’s amazing front page story today – ‘A new era in retail dawns’ – you would know that:

    Stationed near the restaurant on the second floor is the Harvey Nichols Foodmarket, specialising in its own-label collection of products with a large selection of food and drink from around the world

    This will, no doubt, be ideal and very convenient for residents in St Judes.

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  13. Ol\' Bill says:

    Talking of BBC Radio Cabot Circus did anyone else hear a certain Mr W demonstating his encyclopedic knowledge of cervical cancer.

    \”So can men get treatment for this………\”

  14. james rogers says:

    anybody hear Sam Mason’s daft comment on Radio Bristol last Sunday? She was interviewing a soldier about the conflcts in Iraq/Afghanistan. “Are we killing more of them than they are of us?” she wondered. Answer: “Yes,” to which Ms Subtlety and Tact’s response was: “Good!” Enjoy more classic gaffes like this while you can, along with interviews with the British National Party and so on. They probably won’t let her stay on air much longer at this rate.

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