What the hell is this meant to mean?

From Lib Dem, Councillor Emma Bagley’s blog – translations welcome:

What became apparent towards the end of this topic was that was going to be no stretch target (aka a performance indicator) under the new local area agreement. No stretch target, the incentive to do things becomes seemingly diluted when it comes to funding bids. This would obviously be a bit bad given the nature of the subject.

I understand that 100% of the referals to the family intervention unit include D[omestic] V[iolence] in some way or form. We would be cutting off our nose despite our face.

No doubt she tows the line as well …

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  1. Gary Hopkins says:

    Sometimes when you feel strongly about a subject and are in the middle of trying to get things done the words don’t come out smoothly.
    I was also subbing on to that commission and Emma and I,supported by others, wanted answers as to why the administration ,in the form this time of Peter Hammond, had voted down our budget call for action on domestic violence and had downgraded officer calls for this to be a key target in the Local Area agreement. No satisfactory answers were forthcoming especially as to why ,as well as supporting local Tory pork barrel stuff there was money voted to “save ” the excellent family intervention project which already had in place good funding. (100 % of client families have had involvement with Domestic Violence.)
    One of the elements of the “LAA” are “stretch targets.”New Labour at its best. Dealing with the misleading jargon is bad enough ,trying to explain it in plain English is a real challenge.

  2. James Barlow says:

    Interestingly, Emma’s political hero is Margaret Thatcher.

    Because she had “great hair”.

  3. Will says:

    Interestingly, James Barlow also like to use long words in stupid places…

    “James is a Director of Xrisk Consulting Ltd. a business services company based in the South West of England. Xrisk offers a commoditised approach to controlling the risks inherent in delivering major organisational change initiatives. Controlled Risk Project Execution offers the security of an objective, external project management function without compromising the customer’s budgetary control.”

    yes… thats a useful job..


  4. James Barlow says:

    That all makes sense to me. I suppose you could simplify it a bit to “We can manage risky IT Projects at a fixed price”, but that doesn’t give search engines much to work with.

  5. Emma Bagley says:

    Lets calmly reflect!

    What I was trying to acheive was some awareness that domestic violence wasnt necessarily getting the coverage it should. As I understand it, there were proposals to not have monitor performance indicators in the area of domestic violence. A bit daft given that nearly 100 percent of all referals to the family support unit includes DV of some form.

    I am loathed to suggest we should be ruled by performance indicators; but feel its useful to have something as a guide. Better reporting – is better transparency. And in turn there could be a greater confidence for survivors to come forward. At the end of the day we need to reduce risks to women and men. We need to take these opportunities and move forward positively.

    The meeting was wide-reaching and my apologies for the use of so much jargon! I guess when you get passionate about something sometimes you get a bit carried away.

    As for Margaret Thatcher’s hair. That was very tongue in cheek you know! She is a trend setter in the loosest sense of the meaning. Remember she did very little for women’s rights and saw about the demise of a great nation under Thatcherism. Enough about the hair lets get back to the issues at hand.

  6. James Barlow says:

    I never thought of Argentina as a great nation

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