This might cheer up some motorists …

MOD suicide gate cycle path

The BBC has asked the Bristol Cycling Campaign to come up with some crap examples of cycle lanes and paths in the city. No doubt a fairly easy task in Bristol where, to the untrained eye, these lanes appear to be randomly painted on to wide bits of roads before randomly ending again …

However those are the purely bog standard workaday death traps compared to the example pictured above, which is an extraordinarily fiendish piece of highway engineering operating at an altogether new level of cycle lane daftness.

Perhaps designed by someone with a pathological hatred of cyclists, or maybe even humanity in general, this path can be found on the MOD site at Abbey Wood and that gate that the path runs directly in to is designed to stop suicide bombers getting into their car park!

We’re told too that there are usually armed guards to the left of the picture, so should you survive smashing in to the gate, they always have the option of shooting you afterwards. Notice as well how the road’s kerbside has been lowered especially for the path. This is presumably so you don’t injure yourself as you plow head first into the solid steel gateway?

If anyone’s got any further photographic examples of crap highway engineering, let us know.

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