Practical money wasting from overpaid woman

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Looks like our city council’s brand new, top value £180k a year Chief Executive Jan Ormondroyd intends to hit the ground running when she starts work on Monday.

The only trouble is that Jan gives the impression that she’s more interested in covering terrain that will aid her own already highly lucrative career prospects than helping the city she’s supposed to be running.

For it seems her first advertised speaking engagement in the city won’t be to meet, say, long-suffering council tax payers funding her excessive salary or even her own new staff, in order, perhaps to explain to them what she intends to do to earn this extraordinary sum of money.

Neither is Jan booked-in to meet our teachers, whose morale is probably at an all-time new low after being battered ever further into submission by Jan’s education department looneys and their endless daft initiatives.

Nor can we report that Jan is planning to meet our beleaguered and underfunded social workers or even the low-paid home care workers whose future is now literally in the hands of local Labour politicians “keeping their fingers crossed” for them.

No, instead Jan has arranged for herself to speak at a ‘Practical Networking for Female Leaders’ junket organised by public sector privatisation consultants Veredus at that symbol of the city’s leadership failures past – @bristol on Harbourside.

Apparently Jan will be shooting the breeze there, as a female Chief Executive (of all of 3 weeks standing for an organisation that can only be realistically described as fucking abysmal) with women in senior public sector roles from all over the country, none of whom have anything whatsoever to do with Bristol.

And all this at the knockdown price – to us – of just £80 for the day (inclusive of free lunch!) plus, of course, the £800 Jan costs us every day. This means Jan’s little meet ‘n’ greet, mutual back-slap career enhancement session will come in at a cost a little under £1,000.

Perhaps Junket Jan could claim some generous travel expenses for the day to see if she can reach that magic big one K in just one day while doing absolutely nothing of any value for us?

Oh, and public sector outsourcing fact fans out there might be interested to hear that organisers, Veredus – they “make things happen” apparently – are the management consultancy subsidary of Britain’s worst firm Crapita – the former empire of disgraced New Labour mega-donor Ron Aldridge – who specialise exclusively in lucrative public sector outsourcing work.

This might be a big clue as to what Jan’s plans for the future really are and who’s set to fill their boots from our council tax.

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4 Responses to Practical money wasting from overpaid woman

  1. Chris Hutt says:

    Junket Jan – nice one.

    That Veredus pic is enough to bring out the gynophobe in one.

  2. redzone says:

    meanwhile the council members, elected to represent us, continue to allow such blatant abuse of public funds!?!?
    they’re just as corrupt & incompetent!!

  3. guywhoworksathemarket says:

    I wonder what bothers you most – that she is well paid, or that she is a woman?

  4. redzone says:

    what bothers me is that she is well paid to do a job that really doesn’t exist!!
    i thought the bcc was elected to waste our money on pointless, irrelevant schemes & ideas!!!

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