Pompous prick talks pompous crap!

Bristol’s most pompous man has found this week’s most stupidly pompous bandwagon to jump on.

Peter Abraham,  Bristol’s serial civic cross-dresser and deputy Tory leader, announced in yesterday’s Cancer: a citizen’s allegiance to Crown and country ceremony could give young people a sense of belonging and help tackle a loss of national pride.”

Rather than take the piss out of this dress wearing Tory grotesque ourselves we’ll leave it to Olly’s Onions to sum this shit up …

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6 Responses to Pompous prick talks pompous crap!

  1. Jon Eccles says:

    How strange that they should want to express their patriotism by importing a custom from the Americans.

  2. Cann2010 says:

    Pride begins at home ?- “Whether we like it or not, social and family breakdown damage educational attainment and performance in schools” E.P. 12th March (Children should swear allegiance) – Would not our children have more pride in themselves let alone their nation if they were not so miserably supported in their education! With virtually the lowest GSCE results in the country it beggars belief that ‘allegiance to Crown and country’ is supposed to ‘fix their sense of belonging and tackle national pride’. Living as far too many do below the child poverty line – with extortionate public transport costs restricting choice – those of us who gave a damn enough to support their education know that Bristols’ children have been shamelessly let down in the beaurocracy of a council who appears to prioritise fatcat managerial posts and subjecting citizens to the noose debts of PFI’s over delivery of excellence. How can these young people be further humiliated to kowtow to state subjection when local council has all but obliterated their future potentials when seeking employment against youths from neighbouring counties. Every school has a motto and mission statement do they not? – start at the grass roots – a committment to their premises, fellow pupils and with their staff to extract the most they can of their given day is far more the suitable level? These future leaders?! of our city have been demoralised, discounted and disenchanted by the services they receive not the monarchy or nations history. It’s the here and now that affects their daily and future lives – when the city council is prepared to apologise to them – maybe then respect can be initiated – they don’t have 200 years to wait! – child poverty, failed educational policies and a council prepared to let the failures receive the lowest of national recognition in order to be bailed out by Government hand outs – Shame, shame on those in positions of responsibility who have allowed this-failure of pride to be educated in Bristol. Pledging to ‘respect other people’s views and play their part in the democratic process’ – pot calling the kettle?
    Lib Dem Party member Desperate for real change.
    mum, bristol

  3. Enjoyed both the BB and Olly’s Onions efforts on this topic. Much more amusing than my own efforts on it…http://vowlesthegreen.blogspot.com/2008/03/when-is-feeling-for-ones-country.html

    Cllr Abrahams could not be more out of touch with young people and the evidence on the causes of unhappiness.

  4. redzone says:

    it’s not only abrahams, the bcc is out of touch, not only with the young people but with the population of bristol as a whole!!

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