Who's paying for Pigfucker's party then?

Rumour reaches the Blogger that outgoing waste-of-space Chief Exec Pigfucker Gurney is having a leaving party and personal invitations are on the way to the select few of well remunerated brown-nosers and civic dignitaries right now.

Strangely the Blogger hasn’t received an invitation, which is probably a good thing because we’d only turn up to kick Pigfucker in the knackers and tell him he’s a wanker anyway.

The party, we learn, is on the 14 March 2008 at the Council House and includes free food and drink for all the guests.

So who the fuck’s paying for all this then? Better not be coming out of our council tax. With £140k a year at his disposal, the least Pigfucker could do is buy his own drinks.

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